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How to make a soft terry towel again

Often after washing terry products lose their original appearance, becoming stiff and rough. How to make them soft and fluffy again?

How to make a soft terry towel again

You will need:

- liquid detergents; - Fabric softener; - Ball whipping down and terry; - salt.

Instruction how to make bath towels soft again

Step 1:

Bathrobes and towels are not recommended to wash conventional powders. It is best to use liquid detergents. After such a washing products become soft and mushy. If, however, you put detergent, then install an additional rinse mode. This detergent is well washed out of terry.

Step 2:

Add the wash softener. Try to use a tool from different manufacturers. Use air conditioning, in which the composition has a silicone material.

Step 3:

When rinsing towels add to the water ordinary table salt. When washing in a washing machine in place of its capacity for air conditioning.

Step 4:

Shake well before drying terry products. Strongly do not over-dry towel and start stroking their little wet. Iron iron, heated to a maximum temperature of steam, or use the steam brush.

Step 5:

No need to wash terry products at maximum speed, as the thread strongly rub against the drum machine. Boil terry products can not.

Step 6:

All terry products are very fond of fresh air, so it is best to hang them out to dry on the outside, do it as often as possible. Buy in-store special ball for beating down and terry in the washing machine.

Step 7:

To towels longer remain in good form, buy high-quality, branded towels, they are perfectly withstand frequent washing.

Step 8:

Wet and used towels are not put in the basket for laundry, they may acquire an unpleasant odor and mold appears. Terry products should immediately extend or dried.