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How to prepare your lawn for the summer season

Lawn - a specially designed carpet of grass that requires careful and constant care. In the spring it is necessary to conduct the preparatory work that will help your lawn throughout the summer to be in excellent condition.

How to prepare your lawn for the summer season

You will need:

- fan rakes; - Forks; - Sand; - Humus; - Earth; - A mixture of herbs; - Ash; - Nitrogen fertilizers.

Instruction how to prepare the lawn for the summer season

Step 1:

The severe winter and bad weather conditions can adversely affect the appearance of the lawn, so in the spring, you should very carefully take care of the restoration and careful maintenance.

Step 2:

Once the soil is dry enough, spend combing the lawn fan-metal rake. Do this very carefully. Lawn purified in two directions, over the entire length first, then across the width. This will help remove the debris and last year's leaves, open and ventilate the surface of the turf lawn. At the same time you loosen the top layer of the soil and help to pass moisture in the lower layers, which will contribute to the development of grasses.

Step 3:

If the soil is strongly condensed, it takes a lot of aeration. Air access to the lower layers can be resumed if the conduct piercing. To do this, use quinquedentate fork, submerge them at a depth of 20 cm, slightly lifting the turf. Piercing repeat at a distance of every 10-15 cm.

Step 4:

Often, after a winter on the lawn, you can see the moss, which is formed as a result of stagnation of water because the soil is too dense. In order to suppress the growth of moss, fill wood ashes at the rate of 100 g per 1 square meter across the lawn surface. After making the ash again walk across the lawn fan-shaped rake. Simultaneously with the introduction of ash in the spring, you can fertilize the lawn with nitrogen fertilizers.

Step 5:

Damaged lawn seats fill up turf ground, humus and sand fill, make overseeding seed. The most appropriate mix of grass seeds that germinate very quickly.

Step 6:

During warmer months, spend cut lawn 2 times a week and regular irrigation. If you do not, your lawn will be a rare and ugly as polegshaya grass begins to rot and spoil all lawn grasses. After each mowing remove grass remnants of fan-shaped rake.