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How to quickly clean the house

To quickly bring the house in order will require some simple tools for cleaning, some free time and most importantly - practice. After all, in the absence of the necessary experience cleaning may be delayed.

How to quickly clean the house

You will need:

- mop with the spin feature; - Cleaning cloths; - cleaners.

Instruction how to quickly clean the house

Step 1:

Get comfortable items for cleaning. Be sure to buy a mop with the spin function, mopping it will take you a few minutes. Buy a set of napkins for cleaning. With them many economic troubles will just invisible. For example, a cloth for cleaning windows and mirrors allow to restore the purity of the minutes. Since it is not necessary to apply the cleanser, wash windows and mirrors and wipe them with paper. One need only walk a damp cloth to clean even the dirtiest surfaces.

Step 2:

Regularly replenish stocks of cleaning products. At hand should always be a high-quality products that will facilitate the housework. For example, buy a tool that does not require rinsing. It can be used to wash the walls and floors. They can save a lot of time. And for cleaning tiles, metal and glass acquire tools that will cope with the age-old spots for a few seconds.

Step 3:

Accustomed immediately remove the things in place. Do not allow yourself to put them anywhere. In each apartment there are places where things are collected regularly. This can be a bedside table, dressing table or shelf near the exit. Control yourself, not to give unnecessary mess.

Step 4:

Divide the house into small areas. Perform cleaning only in one place, without being distracted by other things. On one part of the apartment spend no more than 15 minutes. When engaged in economic affairs, turn off the TV, the recorder and the computer. Do not waste your precious time on them.

Step 5:

Daily maintain cleanliness and order in the house. After each meal discipline yourself to wash the dishes and sink. After visiting the bathroom, wipe the mirror. If in the process you have soiled plate of food cooking, immediately wash it. In these cases you will spend a minute. But cut the time it takes to spring cleaning.

Step 6:

Get rid of junk. After all, it creates major difficulties in cleaning the house. In the kitchen, for example, do not need just 10 pots and 15 pans, if you are not a professional chef, of course. It is much easier to wash one or two things on a regular basis than to spend hours on the weekend laundering solidified fat with a large number of dishes.

Due to cleaning trash last longer

Step 7:

Reward yourself. If you have completed the job quickly and accurately, immediately treat yourself. This will create an additional incentive to the next harvest.