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How to remove a stain from coffee

Millions of people around the world are not morning without a cup of fresh coffee. Morning rush contributes to the fact that coffee stains could remain not only on your favorite shirt, but also on the carpet, tablecloths, chair or couch. To remove stains, use the means at hand, available in each apartment.

How to remove a stain from coffee

You will need:

- mineral water; - Soda; - Rubbing alcohol; - Denatured alcohol; - Milk; - Yogurt; - Salt; - Ammonia; - hydrogen peroxide; - Stain remover; - Means for carpets; - Brush; - Washing powder.

Instruction how to remove the stain from coffee

Step 1:

If you have spilled on the fabric of black coffee with milk and stain is still fresh, but you delete it once because of the rush, then pour it generously sparkling mineral water. In the evening, when you will have more free time, apply a paste of baking soda contamination, leave for 30 minutes, wash cloth.

Step 2:

If the spot formed on the tissue not subject to washing, remove ash with a sponge and wipe the dirt places medical or denatured alcohol several times.

Step 3:

Spots of black coffee wonderful removes milk and yogurt. To use, apply on the spot warm milk or cold yogurt, leave for 30 minutes, wash cloth.

Step 4:

Stains from coffee, which were not immediately processed and managed to dry out, soak, rub glycerin, wash. If the product can not be washed, then carefully wipe the treated area medical or denatured alcohol.

Step 5:

It is also possible to spot treat chronic wet salt mixture with several drops of ammonia. Leave the mixture for a few minutes, clean the product with a brush, wash in the washing machine.

Step 6:

If you have spilled coffee on the carpet with a long nap, treat pollution gasoline high purity, rubbing alcohol and clean the carpet with the help of tools designed for wet cleaning carpets.

Step 7:

The spots of black coffee with white fabrics to remove hydrogen peroxide or a stain remover is intended for white tissue. If you are using hydrogen peroxide, then put on the spot 3% solution for 20 minutes, then rinse and wash the product in the usual way.

Step 8:

If you use a stain remover, read the instructions, apply the stain, wash the product.

Step 9:

For colored fabrics also sold stain remover, which copes with any stains, including coffee, not bleaching colored cloth. To use read the instructions, put on the spot, add in the wash.