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How to remove grease stain with jeans

At a party with friends in a cafe or just the dinner table is often the case of unforeseen situations, because of which formed grease stains on your favorite jeans - fat chicken or mayonnaise sandwich that always lands butter side down. Such spots noticeably spoil the appearance of clothing. We'll have to dispose of jeans? Do not rush, there are many ways to help you cope even with such difficult contaminants.

How to remove grease stain with jeans

You will need:

- salt, - soap, - washing up liquid - chalk or talc - stain remover, - gasoline, - ammonia - blotting paper - cotton swabs.

Instruction how to remove grease stain with jeans

Step 1:

Most fresh fatty and oily stains on clothes, in your case, jeans, wash out easily using a conventional soap or soda. Inveterate stains wash off much more difficult, so the main rule - do not delay washing until later due haste you can achieve the desired results.

Step 2:

Before the removal of greasy stains with jeans, how to clean the product from dust with a dry brush, then soak it in water and clean again. Spot is desirable to handle from the inside by placing a board material, fitted by a clean cloth in several layers.

Step 3:

Immediately after the accident on your jeans formed a grease spot, immediately take the salt and sprinkle her place of pollution, gently rub (the same can be done with the flesh still warm bread). Change the salt several times and continue to rub until the stain is gone. If it is not removed completely, then faded place spot with the help of soap or with the addition of washing-up liquid, which is admirably fat.

Step 4:

Before you begin to wash jeans, sprinkle abundantly place pollution chalk or talcum powder (preferably from both sides), the top and bottom cover with blotting paper, iron it is not very hot iron. Mel absorbs most of the oil stains, then clean dirt stain remover or gasoline. You can also use the following solution: Mix three tablespoons of ammonia and half a teaspoon of table salt. Apply this tool on jeans using a cotton swab or white material, replace them when dirty. During processing, the spot in no case do not rub it strongly from side to side. Influences on it, starting from the edges and moving gradually toward the center.

Step 5:

Use the special stain remover for laundry ( "Vanish"), which will cope with difficult spots easily. Treat grease stain on jeans with stain remover and let sit for 20-30 minutes for a deep impact. After that it washed off hands and send it to the washing machine.