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How to remove limescale home remedies

It is no secret that tap water contains a lot of mineral impurities, including and lime. Therefore limescale accumulates over time on all surfaces regularly come into contact with water: the crust grows heating elements kettles and washing machines, plaque forms on the faucets and plumbing on the tile ... How and what to clean limescale?

How to remove limescale home remedies


Home remedies for removing limescale

With a touch of lime can be dealt with by specialized household chemicals that are sold in stores. However, when you consider that in most cases we are talking about the surfaces that are in contact with the body or with food (for example, the surface of the bath or kettle), a powerful chemistry many try not to use. In such cases, the aid will come home remedies.

Limescale breaks down under the influence of any acid. Therefore, in the fight against them can take a leading role "food" acids, which can be found, perhaps, in any home. And in first place on the effectiveness will be:

oxalic acid, acetic acid, citric acid (lemon juice can be replaced).

To clean the surfaces of the lime used 5-9% acid solutions. In order to obtain a solution of a concentration required to dissolve tablespoon (heaped) of oxalic or citric acid in a glass of warm water. Vinegar does not require dilution - it sold just at the concentrations that are required for cleaning surfaces.

Also in the fight against lime bloom effective soda and potato starch - they also belong to the tried and tested home remedies to deal with the gray crust.

How to clean plaque from the kettles, coffee makers, pots and other utensils

In order to clear the lime tea or coffee maker, pour it into a bag of citric acid, cover with water and bring to a boil. Then let the water cool down, remove fallen off pieces of lime peel. If the walls or heating element has remained gray patina - rub it with a sponge. Soften gray crust depart without much difficulty. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Instead of citric acid can be used lemon, chopped into several pieces.

Metal dishes, covered with gray bloom, you can rub half a lemon, leave the lemon juice to act for 5-7 minutes, and then how to wash and rinse in clean water.

How to wash limescale from taps, sanitary ware, tiles

To clean metal surfaces better to use vinegar - it effectively cope not only with a touch of lime, but also with rust. Apply vinegar solution on the sponge and wipe the surface of the shell, piping or valves, and then clean with a soft brush, rinse with water and wipe dry. For hard to reach places and joints, you can use a toothbrush.

If the layer of lime sufficiently thick - you can add a little vinegar to baking soda, it will make cleaning more efficient. You can also use a sponge instead of cleaning "vinegar compress" - moisten the cloth in vinegar, put in the place needs to be cleaned and leave for an hour and a half.

Removable parts (e.g., shower head) can be placed for two hours in a warm solution of acetic, citric or oxalic acid, then rinsed thoroughly with water.

For the cleaning of lime tile, wipe it with a sponge soaked in a solution of any of these acids. And it is possible to clean by using soda - it should be mixed with water and the resulting slurry was applied on the tiles, and then rub and rinse thoroughly with water.

How to clean plaque from the washing machine

In order to clear the limescale washing machine, pour 3-4 sachets of citric acid in the main wash or directly into the drum, then set the longest wash cycle at the highest temperature.

When washing is possible rumbling sounds - they emit scale pieces during emptying. After washing it is necessary to check the sink, drum and rubber elements - if there will show up fragments of lime, they must be removed.