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How to remove oil stains

Very often in the furniture and clothes appear fat and oil stains, which usually occur due to accidentally falling food and hard to wash out. Do not rush to throw the thing, there are several ways to help you bring the thing back in order.

How to remove oil stains

You will need:

- salt - starch, - gasoline, - cotton pads - talc - blotting paper - kerosene - ammonia - a liquid cleanser - clay, - vinegar.

Instruction how to remove oil stains

Step 1:

First aid for rescue clothes from fat and oil stains - salt, which is able to soak up the oil. Sprinkle salt on the stain a little bit and try to rub it with a normal cloth. Then shake the salt, which has managed to absorb a certain amount of fat, and pour a new batch. Similar effects have and potato starch.

Step 2:

Oily stains from clothes can be removed with the following composition: Mix potato flour with a little water to the state of slurry and dry the mixture in the fire. After the slurry has cooled, add a small amount of gasoline and mix thoroughly. The resulting composition of the treat stains on the inside, moving from the edges toward the center. Then wash the thing in warm soapy water.

Step 3:

Fresh oil stains on the product made of silk or wool can be removed, if the pour in place pollution talc and top cover blotting paper. Iron it is not very hot iron. For best results, leave the talc on the material until the next day. Instead, you can use chalk or tooth powder pulverized chalk. If the morning to clean the stain, soak a cotton ball in unleaded petrol and treat the place of pollution, periodically changing with a new wool. Again sprinkle with talcum powder and leave for a couple of hours for full absorption of gasoline.

Step 4:

Fresh stains from vegetable oil can be removed using kerosene. To do this, soak it in a small cloth and gently rub the dirty areas on the inside. It remains to wash the thing in warm water with the powder. From spots will be over.

Step 5:

Rub the oil stains on clothing with a cotton swab that has been soaked in warm solution of detergent and ammonia solution (one teaspoon in half a glass of warm water). Then iron the thing through a plain white fabric with a hot iron.

Step 6:

Oil stains on the upholstery of upholstered furniture can be removed by putting in place an ordinary clay dirt soaked with vinegar. Or rub the stain with a clean cloth dampened with unleaded petrol. Grease stains from polished furniture surface will not be difficult to remove if it is to sprinkle talcum powder and mix thoroughly rub.