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How to remove stains on the jacket

When washing bulky items, especially outerwear, they sometimes appear stains, get rid of that is possible, without resorting to the services of dry cleaning. To do this, you need to follow a few simple rules for for coats and windbreakers care.

How to remove stains on the jacket

You will need:

- Washer; - Gel for washing; - Liquid bleach; - Liquid stain remover; - 4 - 5 tennis balls; - Dryer.

Instruction how to remove stains on the jacket

Step 1:

Divorces after washing and drying clothes on the fluff or padding polyester appear if you use a low-quality washing powder or have a lot of detergent. To avoid extraneous stains on the jacket, use a gel or shampoo wash. Select the most suitable mode of the washing machine for down and sinteponovye things - delicate care at 30 - 40 degrees. Unfortunately, to remove stains from the divorce with a damp cloth or dry cleaning method does not succeed, it is, on the contrary, exacerbate the situation.

Step 2:

The only sure way to remove stains on the jacket of dark color - rinse it in the washing machine once again, it is best to use a double rinse mode. For best results, rinse bulk items in the washing machine, do not place the drum more than one coat, as fluff or padding polyester absorbs all the water. Rinse baby winter clothing, you can manually, this abundantly pour the product water from the shower, and then press in the washing machine or by hand.

Step 3:

In the light down jacket after washing may remain yellow streaks on bad stretches of down, which are derived using additional laundry stain remover and bleach. After washing several times, rinse the product. To fluff well stretched and lost inside the jacket, before washing into the drum of the washing machine a few tennis balls.

Step 4:

Divorce on the jacket can not be seen immediately after washing, they will be visible after drying of the product. Therefore, feather and sinteponovye clothes dry in places with good air circulation away from heaters, for example, on the balcony. In this well, flatten and invert several times the product. If you can dry the coat or jacket in the dryer, use this way to the care of clothing. Remember, wash and dry bulky items need to twist on the wrong side to avoid the occurrence of divorce.