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How to remove the mercury, if broken thermometer

Mercury - a dangerous substance. If broken mercury thermometer, it is necessary to immediately take action and remove everything that is possible, as long as the organisms in the vicinity of people do not have time to get poisoned. Mercury can enter the human body through the respiratory tract or the digestive system - it must be borne in mind, when you eliminate the consequences.

How to remove the mercury, if broken thermometer

Mercury must not come into contact with exposed skin - before picking it, be sure to wear rubber gloves. Try that no one came into the room where the broken thermometer - small particles of mercury easily stick to surfaces and can be spaced quite far if to adhere on someone's shoes.

Mercury can not sweep the broom - the bars can grind dust balls to state, and it will be more difficult to collect. And mercury particles, and pieces of the broken thermometer must be carefully collected in a cold water-filled glass jar - water is needed in order not to evaporate the mercury. Bank to close the lid. Small pieces and drops collected using a syringe and suitable rubber bag, a piece of adhesive tape, soaked newspaper.

It is necessary to ventilate the room - if some evaporation of mercury still remain, they must erode the window. Places where there were particles of mercury, should be treated with a solution of chlorine bleach or bleach. This leads to oxidation of mercury, it comes into a non-volatile state. In an extreme case, if these substances was not on hand for processing should at least prepare a hot solution of baking soda and soap - per liter of water 40 g of grated soap and 30 g soda.