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How to remove the paint from the metal

When applied to the metal surface more than 3-5 layers of paint, apply another coat is meaningless, it will begin snaps. Remove the paint can be both a professional tool and the henchmen. Choose a course, you do, but still pay attention to the fact that some of the methods require a physical stripping costs.

How to remove the paint from the metal

You will need:

- liquid paint stripper; - Emery cloth; - putty knife; - Mineral kerosene; - Sander; - Melt.

Instruction how to remove paint from metal

Step 1:

The easiest way to remove the coating from the metal with a special liquid. If you do not have time to deal with removing the paint, it will be the best option for you. Buy a hardware store necessary means, it can be either liquid or dry powder, which is diluted with water. To facilitate the search, contact the seller and ask a liquid paint stripper. Since the producers of this means a lot, the names are different and look at it totally meaningless. Seller will tell the details of all the tools that are available in this store. How to use, read the manual. Do not forget to buy kerosene, mineral, because it is they need to wash off the paint and applied means.

Step 2:

If "cherished" no liquid gets into your store, try to remove the paint with a spatula. But be careful, you can damage the surface of the metal, and the paint will fall unevenly. Take only the surface layer, and then treat the surface with emery cloth.

Step 3:

Grinding machine is also able to remove the paint. Put it on the nozzle with the average spraying, turn the device on low power and start the procedure. With the device, you remove the paint in just a few minutes. Do not forget to change the nozzle clogging as it colors, otherwise it will cease oshlifovyvat surface.

Step 4:

Use Melt. If you do not have this tool, ask around at his friends or buy in the store. Melt can be taken on rent, for this see the ad in the newspaper. Turn on the device and move it to the metal. Painting begins snaps, and you will only have to remove it with a spatula or wire brush. Do everything very carefully, because the iron is hot, and you can get burned on it accidentally.