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How to Repair grinders

Angle grinder, or Bulgarian - an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any home worker. It is used for repair, in construction and metal processing. The Bulgarian is easy to cope with work related to cutting, stripping and grinding of metal, stone and other materials. In some cases, the fault can be eliminated by the grinding machine on its own.

How to Repair grinders

You will need:

- set of wrenches; - Screwdriver; - Clean rags; - sandpaper; - Tester; - Mounting a knife; - Adhesive tape; - Spare parts for a grinding machine; - Grease or litol.

Instruction how to repair grinders

Step 1:

In case of contamination the machine collector make it clean. The signs of trouble are the appearance of sparking when working grinder, a significant heating of the case, when you start snapping sounds, accompanied by the smell of burning.

Step 2:

Disassemble the tool and disconnect the motor armature. To do this, remove the fasteners, remove the brush and remove the gearbox. Freed anchor remove from the body of the gear. At the end of the armature, which is located closer to the cord, there is a recessed rolling bearing, so pull the anchor for its dismantling is necessary cautiously, without applying excessive force.

Step 3:

Freed anchor carefully wipe with a clean cloth, paying special attention to the inter-track space. Clean the dirt from the rear end of the armature, called the collector, as well as the gear transmitting rotation. If the collector has unavoidable traces of burning, make its replacement on defective.

Step 4:

If the grinder does not turn on when you press the start button, first check for voltage. In the presence of stress looking for the cause of a fault in the supply cable prozvoniv it with tester. When a fracture place wires, remove the defective part and splices ends.

Step 5:

Check the start button. Make sure that the switch contacts are intact and have no pollution. Clean the contact surfaces. In case of damage or break, replace the button on the device.

Step 6:

If there is a mechanical sound that accompanies the working rotation of the disk, check the machine reducer. This mechanical assembly transmits the rotation to change the speed of rotation and power and often breaks down during prolonged use of the tool without prevention.

Step 7:

Disassemble the gear unit, replace the failed gear if necessary. Before assembly, lubricate parts assembly grease, lithological or other anti-friction lubricant. After assembly, while Bulgarians give a few minutes to work at idle, without load.