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How to scrub the gum from the pants

Do not be upset if you found your new pants stain from gum. The main thing is do not try to scrub it from the trousers without pre-treatment - the pollution will be more extensive. Try to remove the trailing mass of proven methods.

How to scrub the gum from the pants

You will need:

- solvents; - Detergent; - Cloth; - butter; - Iron.

Instruction how to scrub the gum from the pants

Step 1:

Remove some of the cud but do not try to scrape it. After you put the pants in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for a couple of hours. When solidification of gum becomes brittle and is easily removed by mechanical means.

Step 2:

Moisten the place with gasoline or kerosene pollution and leave for a few minutes, then gently rub the stain with a cloth. If the first attempt did not succeed, try again. With white goods can remove the gum with a solvent, such experiments can not be put on the non-ferrous materials - will be a whitish spot, as the tone will burn under the influence of aggressive substances.

Step 3:

If the pants are made of delicate fabrics, try to remove the stain using oil. Apply it on pollution and leave for a few hours. During this time the gum base will collapse under the influence of fat composition. Moisten a cotton pad in the same oil and rub the problem areas. Especially good gum thus removed from silk and leather.

Step 4:

Try to remove gum from trousers iron. Take some soft rags. Attach one to the dirty areas and iron iron - trailing weight should stick to the fabric. Repeat the done again as long as part of the "Orbit" or "Dirol" does not lag behind the product. If necessary, wipe the dirt with a cloth soaked in kerosene.

Step 5:

After processing, gasoline or kerosene into pants can remain greasy spot. Put on it a little dishwashing detergent or stain remover and leave for 20 minutes. Wash the item in the washing machine with the addition of the powder. In extreme cases, please refer to the dry cleaners.