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How to stretch cotton

The natural properties of cotton are widely used in everyday life. From the cotton fiber produced clothing, underwear, household items. Violation temperature during washing and drying of articles of irregular cotton leads to their deformation. Strong over-dried jeans or knitted blouse again will find your size, if cared for properly.

How to stretch cotton

You will need:

Iron, detergent, softening agent for cotton, towels, sheets, a thin white cloth or gauze

Instruction how to stretch cotton

Step 1:

Stretch jeans. If they are dirty, wash them in cool water (40 degrees) with a small amount of detergent. Denim sheds, so use the washing powder for colored laundry. Rinse the pants in cold water and wring out. Spread their full length on the horizontal surface on the towel. Hands straighten the crumpled tissue in the place. To dry your pants to hang the belt. Do not desiccate! Iron the wet jeans hot iron through cheesecloth. Steamed so tissue becomes supple and will stretch in length and width to your liking. To make it even better was stretched, dry iron jeans after each wash. Over time, the cotton will be softer, and you need less time to pull your favorite pants.

Step 2:

To stretch knitted blouse made of cotton, after washing rinse it first in the emollient. Then roll up in a clean towel and blot the moisture. Twist cotton knitwear impossible during the spin cycle. Dried so that blouse you can stretch to the right size and leave to dry on the table, periodically changing towel.

Step 3:

Bathrobe terry cotton fabric can be stretched in another way. First of all, wash it in cool water mild detergent. Rinse with emollient and press, wrapped in a sheet. The wet coat can be subjected to stretching using iron at a temperature of 150 degrees. Apply iron to wrong side and lightly pull the fabric. With this drying gown is sure to be one size larger.