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How to stretch shrunken knits

Many knitted things sit after washing. Return the same size such products in the home in several ways.

How to stretch shrunken knits

You will need:

- Washer; - Iron; - ironing board; - Vinegar.

Instruction how to stretch shrunken knits

Step 1:

Soak shrunken knitted item in warm water for 10-15 minutes to maximize fiber fabric were filled with moisture. Then, not pressing, put the product in the washing machine and turn on the spin cycle. After the procedure, remove the item from the machine. Hang the product to dry on a hanger, or secure it with clothespins on the rope.

Step 2:

Do not dry the stranded knit, expanding it on a horizontal surface. Thus, the web can shrink again. Stretchable dried product suspended so that they lengthened by its own weight. To stretch the process was evenly things recommended regularly shaken.

Step 3:

Another way to restore the old jersey size has sat down - it is ironing with stripping. Lightly wet the thing ironed at medium temperature heating, trying to stretch it on the ironing board. This procedure can be carried out with a dry jersey, but then the iron should be stripping function.

Step 4:

Make a solution of acetic acid, based on the rate of 1 tablespoon of vinegar per gallon of water. Soak in the liquid shrunken thing. Lightly press the product, without twisting, and place it on a horizontal surface, such as an ironing board. Drag the item to the desired size, lock pins, and leave to dry completely.