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How to use the cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes after the acquisition of a major purchase or after the move is very often simply thrown away. And in vain, after all of them can do a lot of interesting and useful!

How to use the cardboard boxes

If a family has children - make with them a house from cardboard boxes - merge several boxes, cut it windows, doors and obkleyte bright, colored paper, film, or simply razrisuy house paints. 

Boxes can be simply pasted paper or beautiful clippings from magazines and newspapers - will turn out beautiful boxes for storage. They can be put on the shelves - they will complement your interior and can be folded to any objects.

If you have a cottage, and there are growing tomatoes, the box is very useful to you. When you frustrate slightly underripe tomatoes, they need to be folded into a dark place, along with tomatoes, which was finally ripe - here it will come to the rescue and the box: add the tomatoes back and close the cover. 

Cardboard boxes can be part of your wardrobe system - decorate them to your liking and to fold garments (for the convenience of the box can be signed). These boxes can be placed on the topmost or the bottom drawer of your closet.

From boxes can be cut and make various crafts: the royal crown, Crest, and even his sword and more. Cardboard - quite versatile material.

You can also use the box as a fire ignition - as you know, very well lit cardboard.