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How to wash a candle

Traditional and decorative candles are often used for decoration of festive or romantic evenings. Their flames gives atmosphere and solemnity, and comfort. One is bad - and rough handling melted paraffin candles may spill on the tablecloth, clothes or carpet. Wash out the candle in these cases may be using different methods.

How to wash a candle

You will need:

- iron; - Paper napkins; - Alcohol; - Turpentine; - Water; - Bleacher; - Stain Remover "Pyatnol".

Instruction how to wash a candle

Step 1:

In the case where a spot of stearin, paraffin wax or spoil a cotton or linen cloth, put it in the freezer to harden the wax. Then gently blunt side of a knife from the edges to the middle spot, scrape it. Shake with tablecloths formed pieces and crumbs. If the fabric is white, boil the cloth in washing powder. Colored fabric extends into the machine at high temperatures - above 70 degrees. For fabrics of this type of iron is better not to use - color stain from the candle becomes more and more noticeable.

Step 2:

But when such a spot formed on the woolen dress, knitted T-shirt or carpet, you need a hot iron and soft, absorbent good pair of wax paper napkins. Remove the fabric or carpet remnants of wax with a knife. The carpet after this procedure can be vacuumed, clothes - just shake over the bath. Then put on the spot, and under it a few layers of paper towels and gently iron the their warm iron to wax or paraffin soaked into the porous paper. Change cloths as they do not cease to be stains from the wax vapor.

Step 3:

If melted wax got on the velvet cloth, which can neither boil nor ironed, remove it and wipe the residues remaining trace of a soft cloth dipped in alcohol. Well removes these stains and turpentine, but if the fabric is soft, it is better to dilute it with water. Alcohol and turpentine help in the case when the tissue to remain on the spot color decorative candle. With white fabric is stain can be removed with bleach as well as any other bleaching agent or stain remover, for example, "Pyatnolem".

Step 4:

With pile rough surface, such as carpet stain can be removed by placing it on a container. Boil kettle and pour the stain with plenty of very hot water.