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How to wash a carpet Zelenka

The spots of green fodder persistent enough, so scrub them with difficult carpet. But if you immediately begin to clean, there is a chance to get rid of dirt. To help you come to a modern paint thinners, and folk remedies.

How to wash a carpet Zelenka

You will need:

- powder; - Bleacher; - Stain remover; - Alcohol; - Brush; - A sponge.

Instruction how to wash a carpet Zelenka

Step 1:

Try immediately wash Zelenka from the carpet using a powder and brush. But we must act immediately, while the brilliant green wet. Thoroughly rinse agent if the green color remained, repeat the done again. The powder is selected depending on the color of your coverage if you have a white carpet, using optical bleach. For the cleaning of non-ferrous products suitable means marked "Color".

Step 2:

With the white carpet, you can remove the stain of green fodder and oxygen bleach. First rinse contamination with powder, then apply bleach and wait for about 15 minutes. Remove detergent residue with a damp sponge. Typically, the stain disappears the first time. If it was barely noticeable mark, repeat the process again.

Step 3:

Coloured products can clean the stain from the green stuff to modern, which does not destroy the structure of materials. If you use a tool in the form of powder, pre-dissolve it in warm water and apply to the stain. Diluting liquid in most cases not necessary, but it is better to verify this statement. After 10-15 minutes, wipe with a damp cloth carpet.

Step 4:

Remove the stain with brilliant green carpet and help ordinary alcohol. Buy it at the pharmacy. Saturate the stain and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with carpet brush and powder. The spot should disappear completely. Do not use vodka - it is weak, at least, will approach 60% strength whiskey or moonshine.

Step 5:

If you can not remove the stain yourself, take the product to a dry cleaner. A few days later you can pick up a carpet. Specialists use strong stain removers that can not be bought at a hardware store, so do not suffer contamination and wash at home all the available liquids and powders. Wash inveterate stains green stuff on their own is very difficult.