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How to wash motor oil

In case of motor oil resistant fabric formed brownish stain that can not wash off the powder. If you are filthy rags, which is a pity to send to the country, or throw, try to get rid of dirt.

How to wash motor oil

You will need:

- stain remover; - Bleacher; - dishwashing liquid; - Solvent.

Instruction how to wash motor oil

Step 1:

Just delivered stain can be removed using a dishwashing detergent that breaks down fat well. Faded pollution and apply on the spot a little liquid. After one hour the product put into the drum of the washing machine, set the desired program and maximum heating water, which is suitable for this type of material.

Step 2:

If the stain is inveterate, apply a stain remover on it. If you use a tool in the form of powder, pre-dissolve it in warm water, observing the dosage specified in the instructions for use. After 15-30 minutes, just wash the thing in soapy water and thoroughly otpoloschite.

Step 3:

With white goods, you can remove the stain oxygen bleach. Use it as much as a stain remover. Detailed instructions specify in the instructions, but the exposure time slightly increase, as oil is very poorly removed from the tissue. If the first time does not stain has disappeared, repeat the treatment.

Step 4:

Partially scrub the stain from the engine oil can be kerosene or solvent. But be careful, because you can damage the tissue. Saturate the material in a liquid, and after 15 minutes wash thoroughly by hand. Remains remove dirt stain remover.

Step 5:

Take the product to the dry cleaners, if you are afraid to damage it by various means. There you will remove the stain for a very modest fee. A few days later you can pick up your favorite thing safe and sound, and most importantly, clean.