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How to wash the dirty car covers

Car covers are designed to protect the upholstery of chairs from contamination. They make it possible to design the interior of the passenger compartment at will and taste. Cases should be subjected to systematic washing or cleaning. The methods depend on the material from which they are made.

How to wash the dirty car covers

You will need:

- net for laundry use; - Means for carpets; - Semolina, starch, bran; - Liquid synthetic detergent; - Denatured or rubbing alcohol; - Gasoline; - Stain remover.

Instruction how to wash the dirty car covers

Step 1:

If your car covers made of leather or imitation leather, they can not be subjected to washing. To remove any stains, clean the covers with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water. To make it dissolve in 5 liters of water 1 tablespoon of cleaner carpets.

Step 2:

When cleaning is not much moistening covers, enough to wipe them with a cloth slightly damp. If you have greasy dirt, wipe any stains with a sponge for washing dishes, dipped in denatured alcohol, or medical.

Step 3:

Covers made of natural fur, remove, clean using semolina, bran or starch. To do this, spread them on a flat surface, sprinkle liberally with one of these tools, make a clean hand. Long pile along the clean wool short - against. Then thoroughly shake the covers, dry under a canopy.

Step 4:

Cases of natural wool, remove, put in a laundry net, put it in the washing machine, turn on the program, "Wool", add the liquid means for washing woolen products. Spend the extra rinse, add air conditioning, dry.

Step 5:

Covers made of linen or cotton machine wash in the usual way in the mode for this type of tissue. Lower the temperature to 30 degrees. Typically, the washing machine is mode "Linen, Cotton," with temperature control to 60 degrees, but the temperature of this contributes to strong shrinkage and wrinkling of products, so it is very important to change the temperature mode.

Step 6:

Velour covers are shipped from China, Canada, Turkey, the United States. Velour is designed specifically for automotive seat covers, is not affected by static electricity, not burns from the Ashes, is made of cotton fabric with synthetic coating, does not shrink, is easily erased.

Step 7:

To care for velor covers, remove them from the seat, put the washing machine, turn the mode "Synthetics" and extra rinse. When you add a final rinse conditioner.

Step 8:

When washing, use of any covers liquid synthetic detergent. If tissues are grease stains, treat them with denatured or rubbing alcohol. Also, to remove stains, you can use gasoline or any stain remover.

Step 9:

Instead of self-washing autocovers you can always use the services of dry cleaning, where you will be given a guarantee that covers not give shrinkage and stains are removed. Dry cleaning service affordable for most citizens.