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How to wash the mountain of dishes quickly

a hard day's night? Guests dispersed after the noisy feast? What at this moment thinks the mistress? Of course, on how long and boring it will have to clear the table and wash the dishes. And well, if there is a washing dishes, but for most women it is a luxury. This post is about how to facilitate the washing up and speed up the process.

How to wash the mountain of dishes quickly

You will need:

The radio (or TV) Quiet Mountain utensils Hot water Liquid dishwashing detergent, laundry soap, soda sponge, brush, metal sponge

Instruction how to wash the mountain of dishes quickly

Step 1:

Fear has big eyes. It is a fact. So do not just think about the bad. First - Prepare the site. Let no one bothers you. Turn on the radio (your favorite wave), or maybe you have a TV in the kitchen. So with kitchenware straightened quickly.

Step 2:

To start sort out all of the items in the sink. It often happens that the dishes are not so much, just at the bottom of the pan is the volume, and it heaped plates, cups, spoons, plastic containers. Chaotic. Place your order: cutlery separately, the dish on a plate and so on. It only takes a couple of seconds.

Step 3:

Well, if the dishes were pre-soak. If not, take it a habit to do so always. This means that you do not have 10 minutes to scrape away any dry food. Start to finish with the most cumbersome - cups and mugs (not applicable to glasses, wine glasses, - they can be divided in this pile of dishes, it is best to wash them over the empty shell). If there is a dirty plastic containers, large bowl, then start to wash them.

Step 4:

The next step - cutlery them already practically pure water which flowed all the time top plates. After - pots and pans. The most recent fragile items. Do not forget to clean the table and after a shell of excess water.