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How to wash the sealant

Sealant - is one of the building materials, which can rightly be called universal. To wash this compound is difficult, but possible, and it can be done not only in the dry cleaning, but also improvised ways.

How to wash the sealant

You will need:

- Solvent; - Cotton swab; - Bandage; - Toilet paper or newspaper; - Iron; - Board; - hydrogen peroxide; - Washing powder; - Stain remover; - Cleaner sealant; - paint for clothes; - Washer; - fridge; - blade; - Remover for foam; - Squeegee or cardboard; - vegetable oil; - Water; - latex gloves.

Instruction how to wash the sealant

Step 1:

Take a solvent and using a cotton swab, apply generously on the stain of sealant on top of hot iron (temperature should correspond to the type of fabric) through two layers of toilet paper or newspaper. Repeat the procedure until the disappearance of contamination.

Step 2:

Buy a pharmacy hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 98%. Apply it on the bandage and then on the damaged item, wait until the composition does not cease to foam, and then rinse and wash as usual. After drying, no trace remains.

Step 3:

Visit the hardware store, buy a special cleaner and apply sealant agent on the cloth, and then wash item as usual. The color of the material on the spot stains can be changed, then after drying it is possible to touch up paint for clothes or give to the dry cleaners, where restore color.

Step 4:

Stretch fabric with a stain on a hard board or other flat surface and place in the freezer, leave it for two or three hours. Remove the blade and cut. Your movements should be precise, sharp, but accurate, otherwise damage the material.

Step 5:

Use a stripper to foam. Gently apply it evenly on the cloth with the stain and wait a thin film that can be removed by a blade or with a fingernail, then wash as usual. This method is suitable for the purification of bright things, because it does not leave any traces after the procedure.

Step 6:

Try to remove the sealant immediately after being hit on the thing, not waiting for it dry. You can remove a scraper or a cardboard structure, and then use the stain remover and wash. Stain remover, apply in accordance with the instructions.

Step 7:

Take any vegetable oil, pour it on a cotton ball and wipe the stain composition. The oil should dissolve sealant. Then wash the item in hot water and dry. Trails should not stay.