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How to wash your hands after cleaning mushrooms

Mushrooms - it's incredibly tasty product that contains few calories. If you decide to go into the woods for mushrooms, be prepared for the fact that when they are assembled (and clean) food coloring vestsya deeply into the skin of hands and wash it will be quite difficult.

How to wash your hands after cleaning mushrooms

When collecting and cleaning hands of fungi acquire a brownish shade, it looks very ugly. What can help in this situation? The first thing to remember is to use ordinary soap can aggravate this problem: its components may be a developer and fixer of the raid on his hands, so the use of soap is better to postpone.

Before washing hands, prepare a tray (three parts water and one - six percent vinegar) and hold it in the hands of three to five minutes. Later in the same bath, add baking soda (a tablespoon per liter of liquid), put it in her hand and with a brush or sponge try to scrub plaque. After the procedure, rinse the brush with water at room temperature and lubricate with a nourishing cream.

Another tool to help you wash your hands of mushrooms - citric acid. It should be in a dish pour a liter of warm water, add to it the product packet, stir, then two or three minutes to put a brush (if in your possession was not citric acid, it can be replaced with lemon juice). After this time, the hands should be washed under running cold water, if necessary, use a brush. After the procedure you want to be sure to lubricate the skin cream or oil.

If it so happened that the hand you do not have soda or citric acid or lemon, but you need to wash your hands quickly, then there will pumice or harsh cleansers. In this case, we have to rely on the success only if the money to start the skin as possible. Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water for five minutes, then rub the stain intensely hard sponge (or pumice).

Quite an effective means of "fungal stains" on hands is the usual vegetable oil. If you hold hands a few minutes in water, wipe them, then lubricate with oil for five minutes, and the passage of time wash with soap, then the problem "fungal plaque" you can forget.