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How to whiten yellow tulle from

Lace curtains look very impressive on the windows, but under one condition: they must be pure white. But over time, tulle fade, turn gray or yellow. And normal washing is no longer able to return the white curtains. And the use of industrial bleach can damage nylon fabric. In this case, come to the aid "means grandmother." And bleach tulle of yellow can common salt.

How to whiten yellow tulle from

Regular table salt - a beautiful and safe method for bleaching fabrics tulle of yellow, while the return of the curtains of their spectacular primeval species does not require much effort. Use salt in several ways.

Bleaching tulle old concentrated salt solution

For bleaching strongly yellowed, old tulle curtains can be used salt high concentration solution.

Prepare the curtains to bleaching, clearing them from dust and dirt - soak for a couple of hours in warm water with washing powder, and then how to rinse and gently squeeze. Put into a clean bowl.

Take a glass of salt and dissolve it in two and a half liters of hot water (because the salt dissolves better). Allow the solution to cool to 35-45 degrees. Pour brine tulle, making sure that blind them totally soaked. Leave overnight, wash in the morning - and you will see that it returned to the tissue bright white.

How to whiten slightly yellowed tulle

If slightly yellowed lace curtains - salt whiten them even easier. Prepare tulle to bleaching as well as in the case of heavily soiled fabrics - soak in water with detergent and thoroughly rinsed.

Dissolve 3-4 tablespoons of salt in warm water and add a bit of detergent. Soak in a solution of tulle and leave for at least three to four hours, it is better - at night. After that - to wash your hands or in your washing machine and how to rinse. The yellow tint disappears, tulle will look fresh and elegant.

"Salt bath" after washing

Already laundered lace curtains also can be treated with salt. And you can do it with new curtains, which have not yet had time to fade and turn yellow.

Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of salt in a few liters of warm water and immerse the already laundered curtains. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then let drain salt water, gently squeeze - and not vypolaskivaya, hang on a window. To iron is also not necessary - straighten the curtains on the window under its own weight.

This treatment not only whitens slightly tulle, but also a bit "starching" curtains and the remaining on the fabric tiny salt crystals help curtains "play" and sparkle in the sunlight.