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It is easy to clean the dishes from tea plaque

Tea - an insidious drink. It seems that after the tea bowl is not necessary to thoroughly wash, rinse enough - but in the end wall of the cup quickly darken. Clear coating can be tea and ordinary washing up liquid - but will have to make an effort, carefully ottiraya darkening sponge. And you can use and tested home remedies.

It is easy to clean the dishes from tea plaque

You will need:

- baking soda or salt finely ground; - Vinegar; - Citric acid or lemon; - sponge for washing dishes; - latex gloves.

Instruction how easy it is to clean the dishes from tea plaque

Step 1:

Wash cup of plaque can be using baking soda or salt. Salt is better to choose a fine grinding: large crystals can be left on the walls of the cup noticeable scratches. Rinse the bowl, pour in the sponge for washing dishes a little salt and baking soda and mix thoroughly with a damp dish, then rinse with clean water. Tea plaque usually departs from the first time, but if somewhere were darkening - will have to repeat the operation, this time aiming processing contaminated sites. Work better with gloves: prolonged contact with salt or baking soda is not good for your hands.

Step 2:

You can get rid of dark plaque and using citric acid. This method saves power when it comes to heavily soiled dishes or teapot, which is difficult to properly clean the inside. Sprinkle the bottom of the crockery teaspoon of citric acid and pour hot water. Leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash sponge.

Step 3:

Another tool that will help clean tea nalet- vinegar. Wipe contaminated with vinegar and leave space for the exposure for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with a cup of dish detergent. Instead, you can use vinegar and lemon juice: Wipe the inside of the cup with half a lemon, a little squeezing it for the best of secretion, wait until the cup is not brighten and clean. After such an operation, the cup also will find the pristine whiteness.

Step 4:

Small objects covered with tea-touch (for example, caps on dummies, dining sets Tea strainers and spoons, teaspoons) can be cleaned by soaking in hot soda solution. Dissolve soda in just the boiled water (3 liters of fluid - about half a pack of soda), to put the dishes and leave to cool.