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How To Get Rid Of The Shine From The Iron

How to get rid of the shine from the iron

Iron - is an essential thing, through which every person can look neat and well-groomed. But sometimes due to improper way of ironing the fabric sheen, spoiling the appearance of your favorite clothes. There are several traditional methods, with which you can easily cope with this problem.

You will need:

- spoiled…

How To Deduce Stains Of Wax From Clothing

How to deduce stains of wax from clothing

Festive events or dinner with candles can leave very pleasant memories. But small stains on clothing, carpet or tablecloth will make them some bitterness. To remove stains from the wax, stearin and paraffin special chemicals are required.

Instruction how to get stains of wax from clothing

Step 1:

Take soiled thing. Unsharp knife scrape…

How Much Economic Benefit In The Soap

How much economic benefit in the soap

Soap - a harmless product. In its composition does not contain preservatives and coloring agents and perfumes. The most dominating can call the tool with a brown shade, without various additives.

What is the use of soap? Above all, it has a sufficiently powerful bactericidal characteristics, does not cause allergic reactions. It is used…

How To Clean The Skin Crack

How to clean the skin crack

If you are unable to use the services of dry cleaning, you should know that clean leather products crack at home is not difficult. This type of skin is sensitive to organic solvents and water, therefore, carrying out cleaning, try to keep the fat layer and coloring products, or when the execution of the main…

How To Remove Oil Stains

How to remove oil stains

Very often in the furniture and clothes appear fat and oil stains, which usually occur due to accidentally falling food and hard to wash out. Do not rush to throw the thing, there are several ways to help you bring the thing back in order.

You will need:

- salt - starch, - gasoline, - cotton pads…

How To Clean The Felt

How to clean the felt

Over time, things felt contaminated and lose their original appearance. Before you remove the clothes for storage until the next season, it needs to be cleaned. With the help of home remedies you can remove stains from your favorite wardrobe items.

You will need:

The purified gas, starch, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, hydrosulfite, vinegar, salt, sugar.

Instruction how…

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of The Meat In The Refrigerator

How to get rid of the smell of the meat in the refrigerator

Please be aware that the smell of spoiled meat is one of the most persistent and keep it off is very difficult. However, there are several ways using which you will be able to cope with this problem. How to get rid of the smell of the meat…

How To Fix Leaking Aquarium

How to fix leaking aquarium

The reasons for leakage of the aquarium can be a little: initially admitted to the marriage or in the production of aquarium sealant joints insufficiently filled. Impractical people can be replaced with a new aquarium. But if you are not willing to throw money down the drain, then there are several ways to help you eliminate…

How To Display Black Oil Slick

How to display black oil slick

Stains from oil may greatly damage the external appearance of clothing. Derive such difficult dirt, you can use available tools, a little effort and patience.

You will need:

Eucalyptus oil, butter, refined gasoline, ammonia, acetone, white clay, starch, turpentine, soap, caustic soda.

Instruction how to get black oil slick

Step 1:

Apply on a cotton pad eucalyptus…

How To Reduce The Size Of A Sweater

How to reduce the size of a sweater

If part of the sweater is not only wool and synthetic admixture and, very often after washing is such a thing stretched, and wear it to work anymore. Is it possible to reduce the size of a sweater, and that it needs to do?

Instruction how to reduce the size of a sweater


How To Stretch Cotton

How to stretch cotton

The natural properties of cotton are widely used in everyday life. From the cotton fiber produced clothing, underwear, household items. Violation temperature during washing and drying of articles of irregular cotton leads to their deformation. Strong over-dried jeans or knitted blouse again will find your size, if cared for properly.

You will need:

Iron, detergent, softening agent for…

How To Use The Tree After The Holidays

How to use the tree after the holidays

Otshumeli New Year holidays, and the green beauty still pleases you with its decoration. If it is a pity to send a live Christmas tree in the trash, try to find a use for.

Instruction how to use the tree after the holidays

Step 1:

Prepare useful for hair mask. To do this, put…

How To Clean Wax From Candlesticks

How to clean wax from candlesticks

Use candlesticks you need to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Very often on the burnt candle on a candlestick remain a drop of wax. And in order to remove them, you have to try.

You will need:

Warm water, a soft cloth, freezer, white spirit, polishes, Aksidol

Instruction how to clean wax from candlesticks

Step 1:…

How To Use Leftovers

How to use leftovers

Trying to use the ending before the end of the soap, we sometimes get a lot of negative emotions caused inconvenience for the Treatment of small remnants. In fact, showing little imagination, you can make a lot of unnecessary pieces of useful things, and even to buy a new hobby is to create a handmade soap.


How To Clean The Fur Of A Beaver

How to clean the fur of a beaver

Fur coat of beaver fur is very warm, sturdy, worn at least 18 seasons, is not afraid of moisture, when wet becomes fluffy and beautiful. In trade, presented several options fur - sheared, plucked and polnovolosy. products also have different colors from pure white to deep black. Any fur socks after the season…

How To Remove Stains From His Boots

How to remove stains from his boots

Most often there are stains on the boots in the winter, because with the onset of cold weather the roads begin to sprinkle with salt. This is to ensure that people do not slip when walking or falling. Care is always pleasant, but from the salt in the shoes appear unsightly white marks that…

How To Sharpen Turning Tool

How to sharpen turning tool

In the household of the man certainly has a small machine carving, metal or wood. To work it requires appropriate tools. One of them - this tool. It consists of two parts - a head and a holder. With the help of the turning tool is carried out mass operations. Treat the holes, cut the metal…

How To Grow Wisteria

How to grow wisteria

Wisteria is a beautiful deciduous vine that is most prized for its feathery and lacy leaves, and for a long time flowering. The beauty of this plant is simply amazing eyes, thanks to its lush purple flowers. Wisteria is great for decorating porches and terraces. So how do you grow wisteria on the site?

Instruction how to…

How To Wash Out The Yellow Stains On White

How to wash out the yellow stains on white

For your favorite things appeared spots. She was a long time to please you, but what to do with these stains and yellow stains on it? First establish the nature of the contamination. Usually it is the sweat stains, which also have an unpleasant odor, or tea. To wash them is almost…

How To Wash A Cast-Iron Frying Pan

How to wash a cast-iron frying pan

Surely every housewife sometimes happens that some of the food sticks to the bottom of a cast iron pan, which was subsequently not so easy to clean. Over time, in a pan formed a thick layer of ashes, because of which the dishes looks no better. So how do you clean up a cast-iron…

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