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How To Wash The Stain From Wine

How to wash the stain from wine

Modern detergents work wonders. For them, almost anything is possible. However, wine stains may be a problem for modern powder. The older the stain, the harder it will be to remove. Therefore, the formation of a wine stains immediately take measures for its elimination.

You will need:

- salt; - Ammonia; - Milk; - lemon…

How To Bring The Smell Of Mold

How to bring the smell of mold

The smell of mold, which appeared in the apartment, is a worrying signal that somewhere fungus multiplies. Distributed mold relatively quickly and in addition to the discomfort of its stench can cause a sharp deterioration of health. Get rid of the stale and persistent "fragrance" is possible only after a thorough treatment of infection…

How To Clean The Microwave Just Fat?

How to clean the microwave just fat?

Very often the hostess surprised how quickly going so fat on a given surface? Sometimes even the good housewife microwave becomes yellowish coating of fat. I'll tell you how to get rid of it quickly and painlessly.

You will need:

Sponge for washing dishes; Water; Detergent;

Instruction how to clean the microwave just fat?…

How To Wash The Oven Grease

How to wash the oven grease

The kitchen oven is very convenient to cook a variety of dishes - pies, casseroles and meat dishes. However, frequent use of the oven can be very dirty and covered with a thick layer of fat. So do not be put off cleaning for later, and perform timely cleaning of the oven.

You will need:


How To Bring The Smell Of Cat Urine From The Couch

How to bring the smell of cat urine from the couch

Domestic cat brings a lot of joy to their owners. But here's the smell, accompanied by her stay in the house, not always pleasant. This is especially true for many hated the smell of cat urine. And if you get rid of a small puddle on the floor, on the…

How To Wash Lip Gloss

How to wash lip gloss

Lip Gloss - an indispensable attribute of women's cosmetics. It can help you not only to emphasize the natural beauty of the lips and give them volume, but also to moisturize, soften and protect them from the harmful effects of external factors. Often there are situations when the lip gloss inadvertently turns on the clothes, leaving…

How To Adjust The Refrigerator Door

How to adjust the refrigerator door

Adjust the refrigerator door happens for different reasons. Over the years may occur skewed door. This contributes to overload it with heavy products. There is a need to outweigh the refrigerator door, in the process of repair, and the interchange of kitchen furniture. In each case, do without adjusting the refrigerator doors.

You will need:


Methods Of Genuine Leather From The Artificial Distinction

Methods of genuine leather from the artificial distinction

Despite the fact that conscientious sellers of footwear, bags and leather outerwear should not make a secret of the origin of the material for their goods, the question of how to distinguish genuine leather from the artificial, does not lose its relevance. In fact, it is not difficult to do this, you need…

How To Get Rid Of Limescale In Iron

How to get rid of limescale in iron

Unfortunately, the water from the tap is not ideal. Quite often it is tough and it contains large amounts of magnesium and calcium salts. When using such a water with iron in the stripping function, by the action of heat on the heating elements firmly "stick" insoluble precipitate. The holes for the steam…

How To Wash Silk Bedding

How to wash silk bedding

Silk lingerie looks nice, it was pleasant to the touch and has excellent performance characteristics - sturdy fabric, natural, does not cause allergies and irritation, it is an indicator of prestige and wealth owners.

You will need:

- laundry detergent for delicate washing; - Fabric softener.

Instruction how to wash silk bedding

Step 1:

Load the laundry into…

How To Clean The Jacket, If It Zalosnilas

How to clean the jacket, if it zalosnilas

When spring comes time to clean garments and hang it up next season. To date, there is no problem to care for jackets of any kind of tissue. With the help of simple ways you can save a lot longer beautiful view of clothes.

You will need:

- glycerol; - Ammonia; - Shampoo; -…

How To Deduce Stains C Rubber

How to deduce stains c rubber

Practical rubber products, widely used in daily life, mats and inflatable boats, clothing and shoes. Rubber raincoats protect us in the rain, and the shoes allows carefree overcome mud puddles. It is sad to find stains on the boots of bright or dark spots on the cloak, but do not worry. Cause you can help!…

How To Reduce Rust

How to reduce rust

Spots of rust may form on the clothes, utensils and other metal objects. Clean the dirt of this kind is possible by means of special or folk remedies.

You will need:

Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, tomato sauce, a special tool for removing rust, citric acid, acetic acid.

Instruction how to reduce rust

Step 1:

Mix baking soda with…

How To Preserve The Freshness Of Foods Without Refrigeration

How to preserve the freshness of foods without refrigeration

There are many situations when you want to preserve the freshness of the products, but it becomes impossible due to the failure or absence of a refrigerator. For example, you are going to go to the country, but there is no fridge, we decided to arrange a holiday in nature, where the…

How To Use A Coke At Home

How to use a Coke at home

Coca-Cola enjoys continued popularity in the world. Despite doctors' warnings that the regular consumption of Coca-Cola a negative impact on the heart, causing asthma, obesity and introduces an imbalance in the body, toning the fizzy drink continue to enjoy drinking adults and children. On the dangers of Coca-Cola said and written a lot and…

Multivarka - Take It Or Not?

Multivarka - take it or not?

Should I buy multivarku house? The kitchen multivarka turns into the best assistant: it saves time and effort, as well as, importantly, prepares healthy and tasty food, keeping its taste, flavor and nutrients.

A few years ago no one had heard of multivarka, but recently this technique can be found in the kitchen most…

How To Remove Odor From Shoes Fast

How to remove odor from shoes fast

Bad breath may be accompanied by not only wearing shoes, but also a new (most often in the latter case to blame low-grade material). However, the problem of odor shoes can be controlled, and very quickly, the main thing to know how.

We remove the smell of new shoes

Bad breath may be accompanied…

How To Find Spare Parts For Meat Grinder

How to find spare parts for meat grinder

Meat grinders, both mechanical and electrical tend to break down at the most inopportune moment. Over time, even the strong parts can not withstand loads and wear out, so the question arises: "How to find a stock up to the grinder?"

You will need:

- warranty card; - Worn piece grinder.

Instruction how…

How To Remove A Stain From Sunflower Oil

How to remove a stain from sunflower oil

The spots that remain on sunflower oil often become a nuisance for the hosts. In particular, these spots remain on the clothes of those women who spend long periods of time at the stove, preparing breakfast-lunch-dinner.

Like any other contamination, stain of vegetable oil, in this case sunflower, should be cleaned immediately while…

How To Buy A Bread Maker

How to buy a bread maker

Availability of home bread machine allows there is always fresh, hot and flavorful bread with no additives or preservatives. But if you have not puzzled baking bread, then buy the appropriate model can be difficult - you need to pay attention to the basic criteria for the selection of home appliances.

Instruction how to buy…

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