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As The Heated Water In A Large Tank

As the heated water in a large tank

Heat a large amount of water may be needed in different situations, but more often it is used for bathing. In this case, warm the liquid in small quantities is difficult and pointless, it is best to immediately raise the temperature in a large container.

You will need:

- boiler; - Capacity black; -…

How To Clean Mold

How to clean mold

Mould produced from spores of fungi that are starting to grow very quickly in damp, poorly ventilated areas. With long-term growth of spores are deeply embedded in the surface of the mold and becomes black. If you do not conduct timely processing, all of the air in the room will be filled with spores that have a…

How To Wash Cherry Juice

How to wash cherry juice

Removing stains from baby clothes - daily task most parents. That kid is back from a walk with a bouquet of dandelions in the hands, all in green and yellow spots. But he eats applesauce hands, dirtying his suit. Especially scare mothers and fathers saturated bright spots of cherry juice. To cope with them, you can…

How To Embed Crane

How to embed crane

The kitchen faucet can go wrong at the worst possible time. You can call a plumber, of course, but is still the crane replaced by a new, reliable. And problems with the plumbing immediately becomes smaller.

You will need:

- new kitchen faucet; - Adjustable or pipe wrench; - Screwdriver Set; - A tow; - Sealant.

Instruction how…

How To Prepare Your Lawn For The Summer

How to prepare your lawn for the summer

Times when cottager tried to plant every available piece of land on the site vegetable crops or flowers, are in the past. Now growers consider commonplace, if the country has a lawn. It is pleasing to the eye, gives aesthetic pleasure, in the end, fits harmoniously in a recreation area. However, the first…

How To Clean Shoes

How to clean shoes

For people to perceive you as a serious and responsible person, you need not only to display these qualities through their actions, but also look neat. And clean shoes - the perfect complement to the image. But you need to take care of her carefully so she kept fresh and beautiful look.

You will need:

- special funds…

How To Wash Electric Stove

How to wash electric stove

Stove, not washed for several days (or even weeks) - a nightmare for housewives. Burnt food residues, clotted fat - all this must be removed, and if the wrong approach to the process, it can be a long and time-consuming.

You will need:

- latex gloves; - Soap or dishwashing detergent; - Warm water; - Means for…

How To Repair A Washing Machine With His Own Hands

How to repair a washing machine with his own hands

Modern washing machine is a complicated device, independent repair that can lead to its ultimate failure. Nevertheless, in some cases it is possible to cope with repairs on their own.

You will need:

- screwdriver under the cross; - Pliers; - Tester.

Instruction how to repair a washing machine with his own…

How To Repair Grinders

How to Repair grinders

Angle grinder, or Bulgarian - an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any home worker. It is used for repair, in construction and metal processing. The Bulgarian is easy to cope with work related to cutting, stripping and grinding of metal, stone and other materials. In some cases, the fault can be eliminated by the grinding machine…

How To Wash The Sealant

How to wash the sealant

Sealant - is one of the building materials, which can rightly be called universal. To wash this compound is difficult, but possible, and it can be done not only in the dry cleaning, but also improvised ways.

You will need:

- Solvent; - Cotton swab; - Bandage; - Toilet paper or newspaper; - Iron; - Board; -…

How To Clean A Mattress

How to clean a mattress

Strong and healthy sleep is largely determined by the mattress on which we sleep daily. That he was the most comfortable, a little to find a suitable model. It should also systematically care for it, eliminating the odor, dust and dampness.

Instruction how to clean a mattress

Step 1:

Vacuum the mattress. Every day, it accumulates a…

How To Store Paper Photos

How to store paper photos

Shooting - this is one of the most popular ways to preserve memories of life for a long time. More and more people today are used to store a variety of digital photos media. And how to be with the old paper photos, whose condition worsens over time greatly? Extend the life of your photos so…

How To Wash Your Fridge

How to wash your fridge

The appliance must be perfectly clean. It must be cleaned regularly once or twice a month. Watch closely to ensure that the products are thawed not leaking, dispose of expired products, put in the fridge only to clean the dishes and timely wipe drops and smudges. This will greatly facilitate your general cleaning process.

Instruction how…

How To Repair The Treadmill

How to repair the treadmill

In case of malfunction of the treadmill first thing you need to contact the service center or dealer, through whom you purchased the treadmill. However, before we declare failure, it is necessary to understand the reason for the failure of the work of the treadmill, it can help in its repair.

Instruction how to repair the…

How To Whiten The Bathroom

How to whiten the bathroom

Gradually bath covered with yellow and stubborn bloom. This problem is especially concerned about the owners of a cast-iron plumbing, hardly settle on the acrylic contamination. Do not rush to the store to purchase a new tub liner or try to bleach it.

You will need:

- scouring powder; - Means chlorine; - Sprays with acids; -…

How Can I Use Wet Sanitary Napkins

How can I use wet sanitary napkins

Wet sanitary napkins - both children and adults - can be used not only for its intended purpose. They can combine several functions and be an assistant for a walk, on a journey, when you move about the house, as well as help preserve the beauty.

On a walk

A stack of wet wipes not…

How To Whiten Your Socks

How to whiten your socks

On white socks often appear stains that do not wash out the powder. All because of the dust and dirt, which penetrates through the open shoes. Whiten socks can be through a variety of means.

You will need:

- stain remover; - Oxygen bleach; - Powder; - Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Instruction how to whiten your socks


How To Clean The Pants

How to clean the pants

Dirt on your favorite pants - is always a problem, because some wash out easily, and the other to get rid of a problem. However, most of the stains on clothes, you can eliminate the house, without the help of experts from the dry cleaners.

You will need:

- ammonia; - Rubbing alcohol; - Gauze or linen…

How Dry The Jeans

How dry the jeans

Jeans - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of both women and men. Composed of dense tissue, they do not require a delicate washing or ironing, which makes this garment particularly convenient and practical.

You will need:

- clothes pegs; - Hair dryer; - Iron; - Oven.

Instruction how to dry jeans

Step 1:

If you are not limited in…

How To Grow Cucumbers On A Windowsill

How to grow cucumbers on a windowsill

The shops all year round, you can buy fresh cucumbers, but they do not have the flavor, such as home, with beds. And most likely, they contain large amounts of nitrates and other substances harmful to the organism. If you want to surprise your loved ones an environmentally clean cucumbers, try to grow them…

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