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How To Buy Electric Stove

How to buy electric stove

Electric stoves are safe, since they do not open fire. It does not burn oxygen in cooking. They are easier to keep clean, because there is no protruding elements. To improve the contact between the hob and utensils used cookware with a thick, flat bottom.

Instruction how to buy electric stove

Step 1:

Determine what type of…

How To Protect Your Home From Hurricane

How to protect your home from hurricane

Hurricane - one of the most dangerous natural phenomena. It occurs throughout the world and can easily cause serious damage to unprotected home. There are several precautions that can be taken either to protect your home from the threat. Some of them need to take care of long before the beginning of hurricane season,…

How To Make A Hanger For Clothes Improvised

How to make a hanger for clothes improvised

Hanger can become not only a functional tool, but also an important design element. Exclusive thing perfectly fit the current man-made interior, whether capris, or catchy retro high-tech. Crafts improvised enable and surprise guest house and give new life to old unnecessary things.

You will need:

- rest of the old chair; - Drill;…

How To Repair An Umbrella Machine

How to Repair an umbrella machine

In the rainy season without a good umbrella can not do, but a strong wind or a careless handling may damage it. Do not rush to throw away a broken umbrella machine, it is quite possible to repair their own hands.

You will need:

- metal tube with a diameter of 6 mm; - Plate tin…

How To Make Cement Mortar

How to make cement mortar

Execution of construction or repair work is not without grout. It is used for leveling walls, stone works, floor screed, etc. That depends on him how strong will masonry construction fortress and durability of the structure as a whole. Therefore, to know how to make the solution must each builder.

It is important to know

Materials for…

How To Wash Clothes On Zelenka

How to wash clothes on Zelenka

Jars with green paint close tightly and securely. But open them at the same time is very difficult. Therefore, the risk to leave a stain on the clothes is quite high after treatment wound it. It seems that such a spot can not be deduced, and the clothes will have to throw away. In fact…

How To Clean Washable Wallpaper

How to clean washable wallpaper

Washable wallpaper should be washed with care. One awkward movement - and on the surface can form a wet gap. To wash the wallpaper without consequences should prepare the correct solution and carefully carried out cleaning the surface.

You will need:

- wallpaper - soft cloth / sponge - dry absorbent cloth / sponge - washing-up liquid…

Where And How To Store A Mink Coat In Summer

Where and how to store a mink coat in summer

Such expensive garments, like mink coat can be worn only during the cold season. In the summer, it must be properly stored, otherwise it can easily lose its chic appearance and will last very long.

You will need:

- fabric cover; - cupboard; - Proceeds from the moth.

Instruction where and how…

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Rotten Fish

How to get rid of the smell of rotten fish

As a rule, the smell of rotten fish often pursue our clothes. And it's not about how often you wash it. The main thing - the right care. Simple folk tips will help you get rid of this problem.

Instruction how to get rid of the smell of rotten fish

Step 1:…

How To Deduce Stains From Silicone

How to deduce stains from silicone

Silicon is widely used in building construction due to their water-repellent properties. It is used in the home for a period of renovation, but it leaves a greasy stain if mistreated. You can get rid of them, using the means at hand and special solvents.

You will need:

- knife; - Spatula on the glass; -…

How To Clean Suede Hat

How to clean suede hat

Suede - warm, soft and luxurious looking material which is sewn a lot of things, including hats. But because of the complexity of its treatment, many are hesitant to buy suede hats. In fact, to be afraid of this material is not necessary, just need to know the rules of care and decontamination methods at home.…

How To Make The Village'S Clothing

How to make the village's Clothing

After many grueling diet and exercise, you finally have gained the perfect figure. It is time to reconsider wardrobe. Of course, it is nice to buy new stylish things, but what to do with your favorite sweater and the new sundresses that were now large?

Instruction how to make the village's Clothing

Step 1:

Do not…

How To Clean Silver

How to clean silver

Silver jewelry lovers know that they must be periodically subjected to the process of cleaning. There are some ways that you can use to clean silver plaque from the dark at home. These methods do not require the cost and any special effort, but they are quite effective.

Instruction how to clean silver

Step 1:

Silver articles can…

How To Grow Nasturtium

How to Grow nasturtium

Nasturtium ( "Capuchin") attracts gardeners not only for its high decorative. This plant with bright fragrant flowers has valuable nutritional properties. Only vitamin C in its young leaves are much more than a green salad. From the seeds of garden beauties make the seasoning, its flowers decorate dishes, knowledgeable people make of capuchin health and beauty tinctures…

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites

How to get rid of dust mites

Book and house dust along with its microscopic inhabitants - mites - strong household allergen. By themselves, dust mites are not dangerous, but they leave behind a lot of waste products that are toxic to the human body. Completely get rid of those invisible to the naked eye, micro-organisms can not be, but try…

How To Clean Down Pillows

How to clean down pillows

Today in specialized stores presented a lot of different models of pillows. Rectangular and square, low and high, with natural and artificial filler. Any one of them requires care. But if the pillow filled holofayberom, you can simply wash the car, clean the feather little harder.

You will need:

- a basin for washing hands or washing…

How To Wash Nylon

How to wash nylon

Nylon is a strong synthetic fiber, produced by artificial means. First appeared in the 30s of the 20th century as a substitute for silk. Today, nylon is widely used, for example, for the production of stockings and pantyhose. The question is how to properly wash this stuff.

Instruction how to wash nylon

Step 1:

There are several rules…

Domestic Assistant: Lemon

Domestic Assistant: lemon

The most common lemon can be used in the household in a completely different order. This is an effective and totally harmless Assistant, which is especially important if you have an allergy to household chemicals.

Lemon juice is good at different spots on clothing. For example, a spot on the perfectly clean the pens, if you mix lemon…

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