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How To Pay For The Tariff Meters

How to pay for the tariff meters

With the advent of multi-tariff electric power meters can save considerably on payments. The method of payment itself is no different from the metering devices with a single rate. The essential difference is to count the amount of electricity consumed.

You will need:

- receipt; - a pen; - Calculator.

Instruction on how to pay…

How To Clean Suede Ugg Boots

How to clean suede ugg boots

Uggs - quite a popular winter boots. They not only retain heat well and protect the feet from the cold, but comfortable and practical to wear. At home, you can easily lead ugg boots in order, using the means at hand.

You will need:

A rubber brush for suede, vinegar, cornstarch, baking soda, deodorant for shoes,…

How To Wash Wool Sweaters

How to wash wool sweaters

Clothes made of wool goes out of fashion for many centuries. This material is beautiful and good for the body. But for woolen products should be maintained properly to serve a long time and retains its form. In particular this applies to washing and ironing.

You will need:

- soft water; - Detergent for wool or universal;…

How To Clean Silver Spoons

How to clean silver spoons

Silver does not tolerate contact with oxygen - this is dark. To clean it, you can apply to the jewelry shops. Or use the traditional methods of cleaning that can be used at home.

You will need:

- Liquid cleaning jewelry; - Ammonia; - Cigarette ash; - lemon juice; - lemon acid; - baking soda; - Potato…

How To Clean A Carpet Of Hair

How to clean a carpet of hair

Carpet - the epicenter of the cluster of hair and sprinkled with pet hair in your apartment. Fortunately, thanks to the advice of the most uncomplicated consumer problem can be easily solved.

Instruction how to clean a carpet of hair

Step 1:

If your hair is long, you will easily collect them in the usual…

How To Wash The Soy Sauce

How to wash the soy sauce

Stains from soy sauce after a visit to a Japanese sushi restaurant on the right called insidious because they are very difficult to purify. But if you start to remove stains immediately, you will successfully cope with the task.

You will need:

- laundry soap; - Washing powder; - Glycerol; - Ammonia; - oxalic acid; -…

How To Choose A Golden Cross

How to choose a golden cross

In recent times, when the people there has been a growing interest in their history, their roots, back into everyday life religious ceremonies. So rite symbolizing the communion of the faith, is baptized. The last person to wear it on the body of the cross, as a symbol of his faith and guardian. Cross thus…

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cigarettes In The Room

How to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the room

Nonsmoker people subtly smell of cigarettes, causing disgust. Get rid of it very difficult. The smell of cigarettes rapidly eats into the furniture, decoration materials, clothing and other surrounding objects.

You will need:

Essential oils, ammonia, vinegar, towels, bay leaves, coffee, scented candles, incense.

Instruction how to get rid of…

How To Deduce Stains From Ink

How to deduce stains from ink

Quickly and accurately deduce stains from ink and ink can only be dry-cleaned. However, these institutions are often unable to cope with severe cases. Yet before turning to the professionals, you can try to deduce stains from the carcass at home.

You will need:

- ammonia; - hydrogen peroxide; - Turpentine; - Mustard powder; - Glycerol;…

How To Remove The Adhesive From Furniture

How to remove the adhesive from furniture

Good furniture is not cheap, and sold it for a long time. So spoil things any spots, of course, no one wants. But what if on a table or cabinet got glue when, for example, the creativity involved children? Eliminate the adhesive is not so easy, and in some cases even impossible. But it's…

How To Open A Washing Machine Zanussi

How to open a washing machine Zanussi

Automatic washing machines are intelligent devices. Through the use of sensors and complex algorithms washing machine independently selects the optimum parameters of washing, but also keeps track of emergency situations, such as the water overflow or intense foaming cleanser.

Instruction how to open the washing machine zanussi

Step 1:

Modern washing machines are designed to…

How To Repair A Fluorescent Lamp

How to repair a fluorescent lamp

Lamp, fluorescent lamp equipped with a device consisting of several interconnected components. The reason it may be inoperable breakdown of any of them. To correct the problem, you need to identify the components of the lamp, the failed.

Instruction how to repair a fluorescent lamp

Step 1:

Before repairs sure Disconnect the lamp. If it is…

How To Wash The Ink Stains

How to wash the ink stains

Wash off the ink stain from clothes - quite troublesome thing, but still doable. Print this contamination can be in the home. The main thing - not to delay the case, and proceed to remove the blots as quickly as possible.

Instruction how to wash ink spots

Step 1:

Take table salt. Lay out clothes stained…

How To Wash White Fur

How to wash white fur

To serve longer fur, for him to take care of properly. Especially since he is very moody and delicate, especially white fur. Products from it retain its attractiveness is not very long. They quickly fade and turn yellow, and dirt on them immediately evident. Therefore, sooner or later the question arises of washing fur.

You will…

How To Deduce Stains Of Lipstick

How to deduce stains of lipstick

For stubborn stains may well be attributed spot of lipstick. This pollution has a fat base so the normal way to wash usually fails. To cope with a spot of lipstick will help folk remedies.

Instruction how to get stains of lipstick

Step 1:

Before output spot, read the information on the clothing label. Then try…

How To Remove Old Plaster

How to remove old plaster

Before finishing concrete walls and floors of the old plaster is desirable to remove them completely. In this case, the new improved coating adhesion to the wall, it will be more durable and long lasting

You will need:

- gloves; - Respirator; - protective glasses; - Ladder; - putty knife; - A chisel; - a hammer; -…

How To Get Rid Of Mold In The Bath

How to get rid of mold in the bath

The appearance of mildew - a serious problem. It can cause allergies, asthma in passing, diathesis in children, migraine, asthma and cardiovascular disorders. Often, it becomes one of the causes of destruction of buildings. Mold likes high humidity. Therefore, in the baths, where the condensate - a common phenomenon, this problem occurs…

How To Remove The Old Oil Paint

How to remove the old oil paint

Removal of old oil paint - not an easy task. This typically use a variety of chemicals, and sometimes - a mixture of self-cooking. Often they find themselves are ineffective, and the cover must be removed by mechanical means.

You will need:

- remover for oil paint; - Caustic soda; - Rubber gloves; - Gauze…

How To Clean The Tube Of Paint

How to clean the tube of paint

Before painting metal pipe previous coating layers must be removed. This can be done as a specialty chemicals, and using professional power tools.

You will need:

Special tool for removing paint, rubber gloves, safety goggles, grinder, Bulgarian, hair dryer building.

Instruction how to clean the tube of paint

Step 1:

Clean the tube of paint with…

How To Disassemble The Iron Bosch

How to disassemble the iron Bosch

Bosch products are well proven in the Russian market. Even the most basic model of the company irons are usually practical and stylish design, and protection functions of the scale and self-cleaning. But, unfortunately, even the most reliable equipment when something breaks. If your iron Bosch has failed - do not rush to throw it.…

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