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How To Remove Scratches On Wood Furniture

How to remove scratches on wood furniture

Wooden furniture - well made and the status of any home decoration. However, as with all relatively fragile decorative items, wooden furniture is often subject to damage. Some find scratches special aesthetic elegance. However, those who seek to remove scratches on wood furniture, all the same anymore. For them, there are several household tricks…

The Use Of Baking Soda

The use of baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda - a universal product, its scope is very broad. Soda for non-toxic, fire and explosion, and competes newfangled chemical agents.

Use baking soda is undeniable, it is used in medicine, food, chemical and light industry, as well as in the household. Without exaggeration, we can say that it is in every…

How To Clean A Copper Pan Of Burnt Jam From

How to clean a copper pan of burnt jam from

Most housewives cooking jam using copper utensils, as it is believed that the jam in it burns less. However, if it happens, it takes a lot of cleaning time and effort.

Generally, copper utensils in the preparation of jams rarely burns, but if this trouble happens, to combat burn-best to use…

What Are Afraid Of Cockroaches

What are afraid of cockroaches

Cockroaches - are insects that can survive in the ground, it is not adapted to life. These parasites in a short time to get used to various poisons and many means of disinfection after a couple of treatments in general are no longer in any way to act on them. Fight with cockroaches in the apartment…

How To Clean Silver From Black At Home

How to clean silver from black at home

Clean the silver from black at home, you can use a special improvised means, which is likely available in your hardware set. After that, any decoration will shine and will look like new.

Instruction on how to clean silver black at home

Step 1:

First try cleaning the silver from black at home, using…

How To Clean Silver And Nickel Silver

How to clean silver and nickel silver

Articles of precious metals always exquisite and beautiful. Jewelry, glassware, cutlery made of silver and nickel silver are valuable not only because of its large amount. These metals are also safe from the point of view of medicine - their antimicrobial properties are well known and widely used by man.

Jewellery made of silver…

How To Do Without The Iron When Ironing?

How to do without the iron when ironing?

Valet laundry takes a lot of time, namely, it is sometimes all desperately lacking. However, there are other surprises - for example, the electricity was gone, or at the hotel for the trip was not necessary ironing facilities. As smooth garment and thus dispense with the iron in these situations?

Instruction how…

How To Paint A Metal Fence

How to paint a metal fence

Colouring metal fences are often perceived as only a cosmetic process. However, it is a coat of paint makes a design from rust, leading to an increase in service life of the fence. It should therefore carefully follow the process of technology at each painting.

You will need:

- Scraper; - Steel wire brush; - sandpaper;…

How To Wash Your Phone Case

How to wash your phone Case

Now mass produced versions of covers for mobile phones. They not only make the unit a stylish and original, but also protect egoot damage, dust and dirt, and other adverse effects. However, at the same time they do get dirty and will soon start to look presentable. And then the question arises - how to…

How To Wash Kitchen Towels

How to wash kitchen towels

Kitchen - a weak spot for almost every woman. I'd like there to be comfortable and clean. Towel in the kitchen - an indicator of cleanliness hostess. It is a pity, if left spot can not be washed, but there are a lot of secrets, how to wash kitchen towels

What will help is easy to…
How To Connect The Entrance Switch

How to connect the entrance switch

Passing switch differs from the usual presence of a third switch contact and acts as a switch. As a rule, the pass switch is paired with another switch. Wiring passage switch is not complicated and it can raise anyone.

The main advantage of such a switch is the ability to turn on and turn off…

How To Keep Cut Flowers Last Longer

How to keep cut flowers last longer

During the period of flowering plants and want to take home a bouquet of lilac and jasmine. Or buy some flowers, if not allergic. To cut branches or flowers bought longer preserved enough to follow some of the recommendations.

Skilled gardeners and florists use 10 universal tips for care of cut flowers:

1. Holiday…

The Phantom Menace From The Energy-Saving Lamps

The Phantom Menace from the energy-saving lamps

In 2009, the persecution of the incandescent lamps have begun in Russia. From shops disappeared bulb output power of 100 watts, which replaced the effective energy-saving lamps. People got soft daylight and huge savings. But is it really?

Manufacturers of energy-saving bulbs argue that energy savings of about 80 percent. However, from my…

What Must Not Be Heated In A Microwave Oven

What must not be heated in a microwave oven

With the advent of microwave ovens kitchen lives of millions of housewives significantly facilitated, but, despite the obvious advantages, there are a number of rules that can not be broken by using a microwave oven at home. Disregarding this advice could lead to tragic consequences, such as: fire, explosion inside the furnace,…

10 Ways To Use A Banana Peel At Home

10 ways to use a banana peel at home

More than half of our population throws banana peel, and yet it can also be used in everyday life. I wonder how? Reading.

1. Polishing Silver

Grind the rind in a blender, add a little water. It should get a consistency similar to toothpaste. Apply a little bit of toothpaste on a…

Cactus - Our Friend And Protector

Cactus - our friend and protector

Cactus, despite its not very attractive appearance, it is still many years enjoyed the love of many people. Cactus Power is very strong and magical properties are multifaceted. Cactus does not require special care and attention.

For centuries, say that the cactus - a guard house. It protects from envy, fraud, enemies, dark entities, the…

How To Whiten Yellow Tulle From

How to whiten yellow tulle from

Lace curtains look very impressive on the windows, but under one condition: they must be pure white. But over time, tulle fade, turn gray or yellow. And normal washing is no longer able to return the white curtains. And the use of industrial bleach can damage nylon fabric. In this case, come to the aid…

The Wash Zelenka With Linoleum

The wash Zelenka with linoleum

If you inadvertently spilled on the floor Zelenka, then proceed to the rescue of flooring must be immediately, or after it dries to cope with the emerging spots will be almost impossible.

Accidentally spilled Zelenka wash the floor as possible, especially if you begin the process immediately. The first step is Zelenka very wet or a…

How To Clean Iron Jewelry

How to clean iron jewelry

If you have a favorite decoration of iron, they want a little longer to keep a nice and shiny. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a raid on the jewelry, and now have to solve the question of how to clean jewelry at home. With the right approach, it is possible to restore the beauty products.

Jewellery require…

How Beautifully Folded Napkins

How beautifully folded napkins

Napkins - longtime attribute table setting. Not only a celebration without them. Beautifully folded napkins difficult, but it is possible. The main thing - to know the technique.

It is worth noting that the figures, which can be folded out of paper napkins, usually intended for specific holidays. For weddings suit swans, and for Valentine's Day -…

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