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How To Extend The Life Of Light Suede Shoes

How to extend the life of light suede shoes

Have in your shoe wardrobe of bright shoes - the dream of many women. Especially if it will be elegant shoes Bright suede. However, not every woman dares to such a "feat", since for such care is needed shoes very special.

You will need:

- spray for suede - special brush with rubber…

How To Make Natural Dyes For Easter Eggs With His Own Hands

How to make natural dyes for Easter eggs with his own hands

Today, the sale is a set of dyes for Easter eggs, but not all manufacturers make their products truly safe for health. In order not to risk, many housewives prefer to do such dyes in the home, the more that it needs the most common products that can be…

What Should I Do If The Garment Shines

What should I do if the garment shines

Many times in my life faced with the fact that over time, pet clothing starts to shine. Very often unwanted shine appears on such a piece of clothing, like a cuff, collar and the elbow sleeves. Fortunately, today there is a variety of means to get rid of shiny patches.

Actually ways to…

How To Dry Leather Winter Shoes

How to dry leather winter shoes

Leather boots and shoes for the winter season - a practical choice. These shoes will last for several years with proper care. To preserve the beauty of the male or female shoe leather, it must be properly dried.

Leather winter boots give comfort when wearing. Shoes made of natural materials will not feel cold even…

Caring For A Sewing Machine (Horizontal Shuttle)

Caring for a sewing machine (horizontal shuttle)

The most common cause of breakage of the sewing machine is a misuse and untimely maintenance of all its mechanisms. To avoid the many problems need to be cleaned regularly and lubricated with a working tool.

You will need:

- Sewing machine - Dry brush or cloth - oil for sewing machines - Screwdriver


Second Life Remnants

Second Life remnants

As a rule, small pieces left over from the soap is usually thrown away, because use them becomes uncomfortable. However, thrifty housewives with a creative streak and a well-developed imagination use these remnants to create many useful things in life.


soap balls

If you accumulate enough of colored remnants, some of them you can create original soap balls,…

How To Remove Sweat Stains From Fabric

How to remove sweat stains from fabric

You can often find on the bright yellow of clothes with sweat. To get rid of it, use gentle ways.

You will need:

hydrogen peroxide; salt; vinegar; egg yolk; solution of borax; denatured alcohol; ammonia; petrol.

Instruction how to remove sweat stains from fabric

Step 1:

For fresh stains from perspiration, use of hydrogen peroxide. Apply…

Safe Gel Wash Their Hands

Safe gel wash their hands

The traditional washing powder are always detractors: many do not like its pungent odor, often experience an allergic reaction, and the damage caused to the environment powders, bordered by an environmental disaster. A worthy alternative to such household chemicals - gel for washing clothes, cooked their own hands.

Homemade gel washing is quite simple to prepare,…

How To Deal With Mice Environmentally Friendly Methods

How to deal with mice environmentally friendly methods

Getting rid of mice - it is quite troublesome, and many people think that the best way to eliminate in the house of small rodents is their systematic ease. However, there are several ways to get rid of rodents without the use of poisons and special glue.

The killing rodents, contrary to popular…

How To Use The Banana Peel At Home

How to use the banana peel at home

Many do not even know what kind of economic value has the usual thing. We're throwing a banana peel, not knowing that she was almost irreplaceable in the home, in the garden and medicinal purposes.

Polishing shoes. Using a banana skin like shoe polish is possible due to its high content of natural…
How Can I Use The Used Tea Bags

How can I use the used tea bags

Do not rush to dispose of used tea bags. There are plenty of options for re-use, which will facilitate the management of the household and save on special media.

Instruction how to use the used tea bags

Step 1:

The tea bag can give an unusual taste of pasta and cereals. Throw a tea…

How To Remove Stains From Grass With Jeans

How to remove stains from grass with jeans

Jeans have long become everyday clothes that are very active, so it is jeans suffer from contamination. One of the most stubborn stains are grass jeans that may leave marks. Consider ways to help you to wash off grass with jeans.

Grass contains in its structure a green pigment that is stubborn and…

How To Remove Limescale In The Kettle

How to remove limescale in the kettle

Currently, electric kitchen has become an ornament and indispensable tool, but as a result of repeated use can be a problem as scum. If not eliminate the scum, it can cause unpleasant taste of water, but also result in damage to the appliance. In order to remove scale in the kettle, you can use…

How To Choose The Air Conditioner And Softener Dryer

How to choose the air conditioner and softener dryer

Today, stores offer a large variety of household chemicals home. If you are faced with the choice of means for rinsing the laundry, it is necessary to know some rules.

Remember that air conditioners and rinses - this is one and the same. They are used as an adjunct to conventional washing…

How To Wash The Pan

How to wash the pan

Money pans - one of the most unpleasant household chores. It is delayed for reasons, then for no reason. And the pan becomes a kind that it is not only a shame to show guests, but also becomes unpleasant to take over. And it seems that to bring this unfortunate in the order required sea time.…

How To Clean The Air In The House

How to clean the air in the house

Because of the air that enters the human body through the respiratory system, it carried out a huge amount of critical processes. That is why people need to breathe clean air and not anyhow nothing. In his home a person spends more time, and this means that care must be taken that it…

Home Carpet Cleaning

Home Carpet Cleaning

Do not be upset if you suddenly appear on your carpet or dirt stains. The main thing in this case - to respond quickly, that is, to do the removal of stains. Of course, you can immediately instruct the cause carpet in proper form cleaning staff, but really, should first try to do it yourself. After all, in…

How Perfectly Clean Bathroom: 15 Things That Can Not Be Forgotten

How perfectly clean bathroom: 15 things that can not be forgotten

In order to clean the bathroom, wash insufficient plumbing, rub tiles and facades of furniture and wash the floor. dirt accumulates the pieces in place, which we simply forget to pay attention to when restoring order. What it is necessary not to forget during the general cleaning in the bathroom?…

How To Wash The Toilet Without Chemicals

How to wash the toilet without chemicals

To the toilet shone pristine white, not necessarily to use dangerous household chemicals. Disinfect the plumbing, wash the toilet of plaque and debris as possible and using milder home remedies.

You will need:

- lemon acid; - Vinegar; - Soda; - Ammonia or vodka; - Soluble vitamin C or aspirin.

Instruction how to wash the…

How To Clean The Pan From The Sludge Without Chemicals

How to clean the pan from the sludge without chemicals

Black carbon deposits on pots and pans is often a problem, especially for owners of gas stoves. You can return the dishes shine using strong cleaning agents or oven plates - but not all are willing to use the "toxic chemicals" dish. And then come to the aid have been tested…

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