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System Fly-Lady: Pros And Cons

System Fly-Lady: pros and cons

quick clean system, invented by American Marla Scilly, has many fans around the world. Housewives and working women attracted by the opportunity to have a clean house, cleaning without spending long hours. However, the fly-system has not only advantages. On the disadvantages, too, it is available, it will help you decide whether you will help a…

How To Varnish Wood Products

How to varnish wood products

Wood products need to be sure to handle, otherwise they quickly lose their original form, will rot and deteriorate. One of the most common methods of finishing - a coating, whereby the wooden surface becomes smooth, shiny, perfectly protected from moisture, dust, minor mechanical damage. Lacquer ware, wood can be applied by brush, swab, as well…

How To Remove Ink From Wallpaper

How to remove ink from wallpaper

The house where they live little children, sooner or later there will be drawings on the walls. Ink stains on the wallpaper are difficult to eliminate. Try to solve this problem with the help of available funds.

You will need:

- "Domestos"; - oxalic acid; - lemon acid; - lemon juice; - Potassium permanganate; - acetic…

How To Remove The Shine On The Fabric Of The Iron

How to remove the shine on the fabric of the iron

Shine on the fabric may appear due to the fact that she was wrong ironed. In most cases, you can save your favorite clothes and remove the gloss. Please use folk remedies to address the problem.

You will need:

The purified benzene, ammonia, onion, boric acid, vinegar, salt, soda, paper, hydrogen…

How To Wash The Dirty Car Covers

How to wash the dirty car covers

Car covers are designed to protect the upholstery of chairs from contamination. They make it possible to design the interior of the passenger compartment at will and taste. Cases should be subjected to systematic washing or cleaning. The methods depend on the material from which they are made.

You will need:

- net for laundry…

How To Keep The Apartment Clean

How to keep the apartment clean

Keep the apartment is not so difficult to clean, as it may seem at first glance. Often, it is our laziness and properly planned time keep us in creating beauty and comfort in the room. For quality of cleaning the apartment in advance, make a clear plan of action, so you will save their time…

How To Clean Up The Room

How to clean up the room

Cleaning of the room is often delayed for a day. And the reason for it - correctly planned time. Tidy up the room well and quickly possible, to use some of the recommendations.

You will need:

- cotton cloth; - detergents; - Plastic garbage bags.

Instruction how to clean up the room

Step 1:

For a start,…

How To Clean Suede Shoes

How to clean suede shoes

Suede shoes are not recommended to be worn in wet weather, since it quickly formed whitish stains. In order to protect this "naughty" stuff, which requires much more care than the skin on a daily basis you will need to devote a few minutes to clean it from dirt and moisture.

Instruction how to clean suede…

How To Determine The Height Of The Table

How to determine the height of the table

Ease of table depends on its height. If the worktop is too high or too low, it will create discomfort, and during long-term use can cause a violation of posture and spinal curvature.

You will need:

- line; - Roulette; - Cord; - Nut.

Instruction how to determine the height of the table

Step 1:…

How To Clean A Mirror In The Room

How to clean a mirror in the room

Today, at least one mirror is available in every home. Therefore, it is necessary periodically to clean it. Usually, to clean the mirror from dust, simply wipe it with a dry soft cloth. However, this measure does not help in the case of heavy soiling. In any case, to maintain the mirror in…

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cat Urine On The Couch

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine on the couch

The reasons why your pet can not go to the toilet in a different tray: health problems, stress the need to mark their territory, dirty tray and lack of care. If your cat ruined furniture, do not scold him and punish, it is better to immediately begin to…

How To Get Rid Of Flies In The Kitchen

How to get rid of flies in the kitchen

Small fruit flies Drosophila - lovers of decaying plant residues, or stsiaridy feeding on the roots of potted plants, can spoil a cozy atmosphere prevailing in your kitchen. Fortunately, in spite of their large number, to get rid of the uninvited guests will not be difficult.

Instruction how to get rid of…

How To Remove Stains On The Jacket

How to remove stains on the jacket

When washing bulky items, especially outerwear, they sometimes appear stains, get rid of that is possible, without resorting to the services of dry cleaning. To do this, you need to follow a few simple rules for for coats and windbreakers care.

You will need:

- Washer; - Gel for washing; - Liquid bleach; - Liquid…

How To Remove A Stain From Coffee

How to remove a stain from coffee

Millions of people around the world are not morning without a cup of fresh coffee. Morning rush contributes to the fact that coffee stains could remain not only on your favorite shirt, but also on the carpet, tablecloths, chair or couch. To remove stains, use the means at hand, available in each apartment.


How To Keep The Board

How to keep the board

Thrifty owners often buy material for renovation or construction in advance, but then face the problem of storage. Particularly sensitive to the adverse effects of the environment timber. To keep the board for a long time, a few rules you need to know.

Instruction how to store boards

Step 1:

Select a suitable site for the storage…

How To Raise A Sleeping Sofa

How to raise a sleeping sofa

After choosing the couch in the lounge suitable model appears not least the question of sending it your home. Particularly relevant is the problem of its ascent to the upper floors of apartment buildings.

Instruction how to raise the sleeping couch

Step 1:

Consult your dealer about the conditions of delivery and recovery of the sofa…

How To Display Inveterate Stains From Clothes

How to display inveterate stains from clothes

Inveterate stains on clothes - one of the biggest challenges for each family. With this encounter, even the most accurate people. In fact, I do not feel so sorry for the thing, if it is old, it can be spent on rags. But sorry for the new baby and the things that are practically…

How To Remove Old Varnish

How to remove old varnish

In some cases, before the start of repair or restoration is necessary to remove furniture or any surface of the old varnish. Make it easy, if you know some tricks, greatly facilitates the work.

You will need:

- brush - film - spatula - latex gloves - safety glasses - metal brush, - a knife, - abrasive…

How To Wash A Winter Jacket In The Machine

How to wash a winter jacket in the machine

Any thing requires proper care, the same applies to the winter down jackets. And since many people today have a washing machine, it is important to know how to wash winter jacket in the machine.

Instruction how to wash winter jacket in the machine

Step 1:

The first step is to find out…

How To Withdraw From The Greasy Spot Wallpaper

How to withdraw from the greasy spot wallpaper

The problem of oily stains on the wallpaper faced by many. And it is not always possible to solve the problem quickly, and it depends on the kind of contamination and material variations. Folk tips often come to the rescue in such situations. They are simple and generally effective.

Instruction how to get…

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