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What if the store no change

Have small change money for the seller - it is the same duty as issuing a check with every purchase. It is a pity that not all service sector employees are familiar with this legal requirement. So often the buyer, citing the lack of delivery, offer to exchange the bills yourself or buy additional items. Once in such a situation, the user should be aware that the cashier's actions in this case are illegal.

What if the store no change The law on the consumer side

From the point of view of the law of the goods for sale in the store falls under the concept of a public contract. If the seller is unable to give change and makes the customer to leave the store to exchange the money somewhere else, his actions are considered as a refusal to provide services that fall under Art. 426 of the Civil Code.

Meanwhile, the answer to the question - who is right and who is wrong in the absence of delivery in 1993 gave the Ministry of Finance of Russia, clearly noting the obligation of the seller have a bargaining banknotes and coins in a sufficient amount. During all hours of the store cash register should be promptly provided with the necessary amount of money exchange. Therefore, sellers, forcing the consumer to seek the exchange, compels him thus to act as the staff of the outlet.


Consumers should know that by law not allowed to send the buyer sellers to exchange money themselves or offer additional products. Service workers who forgotten these postulates, we can recall them in the book of complaints and suggestions. As you know, this document should be located in a prominent place in the buyer's area.

Making Review the seller's job to remember that a quick solution is unlikely to be achieved. Writing in the book of complaints and suggestions is to fix the violations. To insure against the "disappearance" of the document, it is best to enlist the testimony of eyewitnesses, who saw that the seller refuses to sell the goods, and to take their contacts. Next, you need to make a complaint to the Federal Service, employees of territorial units which check will be carried out. A copy of the complaint should be addressed in the Consumer Rights Protection Society. Last resort to bring perpetrators to justice is the court.

The effectiveness of the measure may be a conversation with the store manager. Law Abiding manager certainly will be on consumer protection and take measures to accelerate the finding of swap funds. Encourage him to such actions will allow the consumer a clear understanding of their rights. Alas, often buyers still must first demonstrate their level of awareness of rights to receive appropriate services.

Experts point out that consumer protection in this matter are rather disciplining measure to retail outlets. Shops are not interested in the audit of their activities, and even litigation with a losing outcome, which makes them to observe the rights of consumers constantly.