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When that plant

Timely planting is one of the conditions for their normal growth and development and, in the case of fruit or vegetables, produce a good crop. Main landing operation in the spring, although the seedlings of vegetables grown in the home, you may need an earlier sowing and planting of winter crops term shifts in the fall.

When that plant

You will need:

- container for planting; - Soil mixture; - Fluorescent Lamp; - Planting.

Instruction when that plant

Step 1:

The period, which accounts for the main planting work is considered spring. However, the preparation for this season is to do even in the winter. At this time, it begins seedbed asters shaping and laying on the stratification of seeds of coniferous plants. Place the seeds of asters in a container with potting soil and remove it before March under the snow. If you are going to grow from the seeds of spruce or pine, place them in moist sand and clean the container into the room with a temperature of not more than three degrees until April.

Step 2:

The second half of March for planting tomatoes and sweet pepper, if you want to grow these crops seedling method, followed by planting in open ground. Before you put the seeds in a container with soil mix, hold them for ten to fifteen minutes in a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Seedlings sown in this period the seedlings appear before daylight hours become long enough for normal plant development. To seedlings are not stretched, is used to illuminate the fluorescent lamp.

Step 3:

If you are growing cucumbers seedling method, in early April, soak the seeds for fifteen minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, rinse with running water and germinate by placing them in a damp cloth. After the first roots of plant seeds in a container with potting soil and put in a well lit place. If you are growing seedlings asters without prior stratification, sow them in a container with potting soil in April.

Step 4:

In April, the thawed ground can be planted plums, cherries, apples, pears and other plants purchased at the nursery in early spring or autumn with prikopat. Place the plant in the planting hole prepared in the fall, straighten roots, and sprinkle them fertile ground. It's good time for planting ornamental shrubs.

Step 5:

In late April podryhlite a bed prepared in the autumn to spring garlic, and plant the cloves into the ground.

Step 6:

In late April, or closer to the beginning of May, when the soil thaws and dries, put in the prepared ground in the autumn of potato tubers. After pass frost threat in the open ground can be transplanted seedlings of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Starting work, make sure that the soil has had time to warm up to fifteen degrees.

Step 7:

At the beginning of August and the end of July to arrange a bed of strawberry harvest with which you plan to get to the next year. The can use the well-developed outlets formed on the bushes adults as planting material.

Step 8:

Towards the autumn, when the soil temperature is not above ten degrees, plant tulip bulbs in the ground. In September and early October planting time comes winter garlic. This period can be used for planting hardy fruit trees and shrubs.