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How To Present Yourself At Work

How to present yourself at work

Even if you do not have to frequently communicate with customers, at the interview, and later to work for certain required skills of self-presentation. Unfortunately, they can not be developed even in excellent specialists, which often serves as a reason for not hiring.

Instruction how to present themselves at work

Step 1:

Wherever you work, you…

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How To Find A Job In Moscow For A Week

How to find a job in Moscow for a week

When it comes to the decision on change of residence, it is better to think in advance the key points. These include: finding accommodation, finding a new job, a kindergarten or a school for the children, etc. Each item requires careful planning.. This article will look at how to find a…

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How To Appoint A Deputy Director

How to appoint a Deputy Director

Appointment to the post of deputy director of another employee of the same organization should issue the transfer, the initiative for which comes from the employee or employer. For the specialist it is necessary to write a new job description, make a transfer order, make changes to the personal card, work record.

You will need:


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How To Divide The Holidays

How to divide the holidays

Each serving staff put a vacation, no matter what kind of contract signed with him, or indefinite term. Vacation is one of the types of guaranteed rest (Art. 107 of the Labour Code) and may not be less than 28 calendar days. But the Labour Code establishes only a minimum limit. In accordance with the instructions…

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How To Make The Agenda

How to make the agenda

The agenda is the "skeleton" of the meeting or meetings. In it are defined the main topics for discussion and the main thrust of the discussions. It establishes a procedure for the meeting, focusing on the professional participants of the conversation, do not let the discussion turn into a messy exchange of views.

Instruction create agenda


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What Documents Are Required For Registration Of A Job

What documents are required for registration of a job

When applying for a job the employer asks the employee to provide him with a number of documents. The list of mandatory ones regulated by the labor legislation, namely Article 65 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Other documents from the employer may require a specialist if there is a…

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How To Make Money While On Maternity Leave

How to make money while on maternity leave

Rebuild your lifestyle after the birth of a child - it means to find a new way of earning money. Official work with the tight schedule is no longer suitable. Most moms first six months and does not earn money.

You will need:

Notepad, a pen, a computer with Internet access.

Instruction how to…

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How To Dismiss Transfer To Another Organization

How to dismiss transfer to another organization

For some companies, organizational changes are not uncommon. One of them is the translation of an employee to another job. It can be carried out both by the employee and by order of the head. How to make this transformation?

Instruction how to dismiss transfer to another organization

Step 1:

First, it should be noted…

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How To Hold A Meeting In The Team

How to hold a meeting in the team

team meeting can be an effective way to analyze a variety of work situations, including conflict. It publicly discuss contentious issues and decisions are binding for each employee. collective shareholders meeting should be preceded by extensive preparatory work.

Instruction how to hold a meeting in the team

Step 1:

Formulate a main theme of…

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How To Train Seller

How to train Seller

Find a good seller today is not always easy, because many people believe that this work is even suitable candidates without special knowledge and skills. Of course, to succeed in this profession, you need to have certain skills. However, the lack of experience should not be a barrier to employment, as a good candidate to quickly train…

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How To Dismiss A Person Accountable

How to dismiss a person accountable

Financially responsible person can be dismissed under Article 81 to claim 7 for distrust. Financially responsible person considered an employee with whom a contract of liability and directly related to the work with values. Accountant or other staff related to schetovodcheskoy activity, may not be financially responsible persons and, therefore, an article of no confidence…

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How To Define The Output Per Worker

How to define the output per worker

Development - is the number of products per unit of time. Determined to develop through the analysis, which involved setters. Per unit time can be taken one hour, one day, one month and one year. Development may be determined by the average of the brigade or the change in the composition of workers producing…

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Why Would An Employer Hire It For You?

Why would an employer hire it for you?

Today we find the answer to the main question of the employer why he should take a job just for you. Indeed, by what criteria HR-ry opt for one or another resume? What do I need to specify it to ensure that you receive an invitation for an interview?

The main criterion…

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How To Make A Reprimand Employee

How to make a reprimand employee

Reprimand, along with the observation and firing - a form of disciplinary sanction, which provides for Article 192 of the Labour Code. A reprimand may be the result of violations of employee labor duties provided for in the employment contract. It shall be made with the date, place and time, as well as the collection…

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What Are The Questions To Ask The Employer During The Interview

What are the questions to ask the employer during the interview

The employer builds its opinion on candidates for the position, not only on his resume, but also on the issues that he raised during the interview. To make a good impression on the interviewer and show their interest in cooperation, find out in the process of communicating the conditions and…

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How To Get In The Newspaper

How to get in the newspaper

Jobs in the newspaper for both free freelancers and those looking for a permanent place of employment. To get in the newspaper or magazine, you need not only the ability to write, but also active and disruptive character to knock on all the doors until one of them does not open.

Instruction how to get…

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How To Take A Day Off At Work

How to take a day off at work

Very often, in connection with certain circumstances, you need to take a day off and stay on weekdays at home or go to their urgent business. The labor legislation of the Russian Federation provides the opportunity to receive additional paid vacation days or, in accordance with the imperative to obtain leave without pay…

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How To Write A Resume

How to write a resume

With a resume writing difficulties faced by almost all the applicants. Any errors, inaccuracies or negligence leads to the inevitable failure of the post. A good summary - a good chance to get a desired job. To avoid errors, you need to follow just a few rules.

Instruction how to write a resume

Step 1:

More does…

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How To Create A Social Project

How to create a social project

Social project - a creative measures to impact on the real reality, in order to achieve its desired state in the future. There are many definitions of projects, as well as many ways of their preparation. However, the main and determining factor in this work is precisely the action taken by a group of like-minded…

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How To Get The Service Of The Federal Tax Service

How to get the service of the Federal Tax Service

Internal Revenue Service - one of the most stable structures. It features a high opportunity for professional growth and, accordingly, the planned growth of wages. A good option for employment. Work in the Federal Tax Service of the dream of many lawyers and economists. But the opinion has developed in our…

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