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5 hazardous occupations for sex

Psychologists have compiled a list of professions that have a bad effect on the male instinct. Many signs have been taken into consideration: stress, professional habits, and even the number of divorces, experienced men. The results were not the most satisfactory: almost any specialty can affect men's health detrimental. However, there were marked some very harmful.

5 hazardous occupations for sex

Instruction 5 hazardous occupations for sex

Step 1:

Office Workers In fact, sedentary work itself is very harmful. Someone here has added frequent and rush jobs and snacks. Well, for a total complete the picture here include competitors who never sleep. All it takes is the first place in human life, love and everything else goes by the wayside.

Step 2:

Military All known fact - women like to soldiers. But that's only because of duty and, accordingly, the related liability it is not easy to reciprocate. In addition, monotonous food and a strict schedule can deprive them of their craving for women.

Step 3:

Creative people Creation of beauty takes a lot of time and effort. All the energy remaining after the next book, a picture or song goes out to prove their talent to the public all their creations.

Step 4:

Men with machines Regular exercise and drinking alcohol in the company of male love affairs does not correspond. In addition, certain production by themselves are harmful to the organism.

Step 5:

Athletes would seem, and the athletes do with it? Strict mode and constant training. Any thoughts about medals. Due to the constant lack of time, there are spontaneous sex that as a result leads to sexual problems in the future.