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5 main fears at work

American psychologist David Ed believes that the person at work overcomes most of one of the five fears: fear of criticism, success and failure, and the chief of competition. To know about these fears need to diagnose them in time and try to overcome.

5 main fears at work

Instruction 5 main fears at work

Step 1:

Fear of failure often we are afraid to fail, if undertake the new tasks. It happens that the people in the morning to set up this fear and therefore waive a new job, try to shift it to others unjustly angry. Understand the reason for this fear. Perhaps more to successfully cope with the task, you should learn a little, to improve their skills. Or a person - a perfectionist by nature. And maybe, just fatigued and it's time to vacation?

Step 2:

Fear of success there and this fear - the fear of success. Man afraid to take responsibility for the future achievements and fame. It scares the fear of liability. But you can not always carry the same familiar you a job. Otherwise, there will be no growth. Overcome your hesitation - and new achievements!

Step 3:

Fear Fear of criticism of ridicule from colleagues or displease the chief often prevents a person to be natural. This creates even more problems. Understand why you are afraid of criticism, how you behave, if you criticize. Perhaps, indeed, should work better? If you think that criticism - is unfounded, it is an occasion to have a serious talk with the boss or a colleague.

Step 4:

Fear of competition you are afraid that someone will do the job better and faster than you, so do take the time and make mistakes. Are you afraid that someone will take your position, and constantly looking for potential enemies. This gives rise to suspicion and discourages others. You should try to objectively assess their capabilities and admit that is an indispensable employee. A possible competitors better to make friends

Step 5:

Fear of the boss before the chief Many lost the gift of speech. Some bosses are so authoritative and impressive that there were no desire to argue with them. But you must. Overcome fear of the chief disputes. Please be cheeky and sometimes allow yourself to say "no." Remember, your boss - the same person and can make mistakes.