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As compensation for vacation

Dividends and accrued vacation compensation is governed by articles 127, 126 and 141 of the Labour Code. Under the law, leave must be at least 28 calendar days. If the dismissal is subject to full payment of compensation for unused vacation days in an amount corresponding to the period actually worked. Also, the payment can receive the employee's relatives who died.

As compensation for vacation

You will need:

- statement; - Order; - A note to the accounts department.

Instruction how to compensate for the holidays

Step 1:

Compensation for unused vacation days is calculated from the average salary for 12 months, unless otherwise specified in the internal acts of the company. Average earnings calculated in accordance with Article 139 of the Labour Code.

Step 2:

Payment can get not only lay off employees or relatives of the deceased employee, but employees working in the company, whose vacation exceed 28 calendar days. It is impossible to pay compensation in lieu of vacation to employees working in arduous conditions of labor which depends the life and health of many people. Despite the fact that this category of holiday much greater than the minimum number of days, they should it was done on fully and provide it to be annually.

Step 3:

To pay compensation of an employee to get a statement about the desire to get a refund for a vacation of more than 28 calendar days. Dismiss persons compensation should be paid based on the letters of resignation.

Step 4:

For the calculation of the compensation earned add up all the amounts for 12 months, which keeps the income tax, and divide them by the number of working days, starting from 6-day working week, no matter what the working week actually. For employees, spent less than a year or frequently leaving on sick leave, the calculation is made in a different way. To calculate fold all the earned amount, divide the total number of months worked and divide by 29.4. The result bude pay for one day of compensated leave.

Step 5:

When dismissing an employee is necessary to make payment on the day following the last working day. If the next day is a weekend or holiday, the payment shall be issued on the eve.

Step 6:

On the basis of an application for compensation or application for the dismissal of the employer produces the order form T-8, stating the grounds for payment, name of employee, position, a structural unit. The accounts supplied a note form the T-61 for the calculation of cash. All information entered in the card form of T-2 and vacation schedule.