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As for the law to dismiss the pensioner

Dismiss the pensioner or not - sooner or later, such a question can stand up to any employer. And right from the point of view of legislation to make it, do not know everything. Although the Labour Code quite clearly explains this reduction scheme.

As for the law to dismiss the pensioner

Instruction in law to dismiss the pensioner

Step 1:

Remember that the retirement age according to the law the reason for the dismissal is not. Therefore, to the older workers need to apply the same rules as any other. Accordingly, it is possible to fire at the reduction of staff on a general basis. Moreover, the dismissal of this case, you must notify the employee of the month 2.

Step 2:

However, if his knowledge and experience are of particular value for the company's development in the future, it is recommended to leave the pensioner, offering him the other vacant positions. If the pensioner himself wants to get well-deserved rest, he has the right to refuse your offer. And to do this it must only be in writing. After all, this paper will serve as a basis for his legal dismissal.

Step 3:

The same applies to the voluntary dismissal of the employee retirement age. After submitting their respective application the employer must calculate it after 2 weeks.

Step 4:

It is possible for the dismissal of an employee, a pensioner to apply a method such as stimulating the dismissal. In this case, the employment contract stipulated age and the period to which the employee must leave their workplace. In exchange, it will receive increased severance pay.

Step 5:

It is also legitimate to fire a pensioner you can and if it ceased to perform his duties, he began to violate the social norms of behavior at work, etc. You can reduce it by Article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation "Termination of an employment contract by the employer." In it there is mention of dishonest employees and actions impact on them.