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As noted in the table vacation

When sending an employee on vacation, which is supposed to every specialist in charge of the performance of duties under an employment contract of more than six months, made a mark not only in the schedule of holidays, but in the report card. Last conducted for employees with time-based form of remuneration. Document printing form is filled in (T-13) and on the arm (T-12).

As noted in the table vacation

You will need:

- form of notification; - Order form (Form T-6); - The form of report cards; - The form of the note-calculation; - vacation schedule.

Instruction how to celebrate holidays in the table

Step 1:

When the rest time set schedule of holidays, two weeks before the start of relying vacation personnel officer is made notice the employee. The employee is warned in writing. The notification email the holiday period. In a single copy of a document specialist affix its consent in the form of receipts and transfers to the employer. The second copy of the expert leaves the host.

Step 2:

Three days before the start of the leave the director issued an order. Use the form of the T-6. Specify the available number of days of rest. Enter the start date, end of the vacation. Assure the order signed by the Director, the Chief of Staff. Familiarize employees with administrative document receipt.

Step 3:

With the order for vacation direct employee in the accounting department. There specialist filled note-payment. It indicates the amount of monetary compensation, which is calculated as an accountant on the basis of the average earnings of the employee.

Step 4:

The timesheets in front of the personal data the employee of his office, written in the second column of the document, the personnel number specified in the third column, the top line fill symbol "ON". Such a code is put in the administration of employee's annual basic leave. When the employee relies additional days of rest provided for by collective labor agreement or, put "money laundering." In granting leave without pay by agreement with the employer write a letter code "ML".

Step 5:

According to the instructions on the conduct of the sheet of the bottom line to put down do not need anything, that is, the field is left blank. Many personnel officers say the holiday period to the end. But to do so is not desirable. After all, the company may be circumstances in connection with which a manager can withdraw the employee. In this case, the incorrect entry is crossed out by one line. Top fit the correct designation, shall be signed by the person responsible for maintaining the time sheet. After this document is given to the signature of the head of department, HR Officer. When the report card certified, fix bugs is not allowed.