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How can I submit data

Almost all the data characterizing the performance of the organization, can be quantified regardless of whether they relate to quantitative indicators, for example, revenue or unit price, or value, in particular, service levels or reliability of manufactured goods.

How can I submit data

Instruction how to submit data

Step 1:

Compare data in tables, it is especially useful when you have information about various indicators for two or more periods. In the first column, list the names of the analyzed data, the second and third - the corresponding figures a certain time period. The fourth column you can use to demonstrate the dynamics of the index, use the "+" signs and "-".

Step 2:

Draw pie charts, if you need to change to emphasize any interest, for example, in the share capital or the contribution of a particular department of revenue. To do this, the studied data expressed as a percentage of the total value (it is, of course, is 100%). Excel allows you to choose from several types of pie charts, for example, planar, volumetric or divorced sectors.

Step 3:

Use graphics, they can achieve greater visibility and is particularly suitable, if there is a need to identify the dynamics for several periods. On the same graph you can place multiple curves (broken lines) lines, for example, revenue and costs, charges and fees. This will allow the area to see pros and cons. In addition, Excel displays the trend line itself and formulates its equation, therefore, without delving into the econometric analysis, you can make a rough analysis of the further development of the situation.

Step 4:

Compare two metrics using histograms, they allow us to represent the ratio of the data with each other for a certain period. It is necessary that all the figures are expressed in one unit of measurement, for example, in rubles or hours. Histogram as graphs of several indicators, allows us to represent the area of ​​the positive and negative dynamics clearly.

Step 5:

Paint schemes. They allow you to organize large amounts of information and make it easier perception. In a circuit structure can be represented by the company or its divisions, working with partners and credit organizations, communications with suppliers and end customers.

Step 6:

Draw the so-called tree of goals, it can be used not only to determine the development strategy of the entire organization, but also within the same department or to improve a particular business process. The essence of this method is as follows: in order to do something big, you need to run several small processes, problems in one area will not be allowed to achieve the desired.