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How do I make changes to the report card

For proper organization of the enterprise human resource departments should conduct various documents, including timesheets. Any changes in these documents should be made in accordance with the instructions of the controlling bodies.

How do I make changes to the report card

Instruction how to make changes in the time sheet

Step 1:

Ask what information you need to make in the time sheet employee time. In this document indicates overtime employees, vacation, business trip, training, refresher courses, shorter working hours due to public holidays, absenteeism, strikes, and other situations in which changes a normal work schedule.

Step 2:

Prepare a document confirming this or that change in the employee's work schedule. For example, it may be the schedule of holidays or sick leave.

Step 3:

Record the changes in the time sheet. Record in the first column name and the name of the employee, in the second - the number of hours that he worked extra or missed. In the last column write down the reason for the change of schedule. For each of them there is a letter or numerical code. A list of these codes can be found in the "Regulations on the personnel working time account", as well as on various websites to relevant personnel.

Step 4:

Each month, count the total amount of additional waste, as well as missed hours and stores them to designated columns of the table. Ready document must be signed by an employee of personnel department responsible for maintaining the time sheet. At the beginning of each month a new table crank.

Step 5:

If you need to make a correction to an already issued a report card, neatly cross out the incorrect text and next to it, record the information corresponding to reality. Correction should assure recording "Alteration" and the signature of the responsible employee.