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How not to interrupt seniority

Continuity of employment is the duration of the last of continuous operation on a single company or multiple companies, provided that a break in activity did not exceed the time limits established by the legislation.

How not to interrupt seniority

Instruction how not to interrupt seniority

Step 1:

The concept of continuous seniority was relevant until 2007. Longevity could be interrupted if the worker to change jobs for good reason, has not concluded within a month of the new labor contract. With resignation on their own without a good reason, this period was reduced to three weeks.

Step 2:

Seniority is not interrupted by service in the armed forces, if from the time of dismissal from the army before the conclusion of a new employment contract is not held for over a year. In the event that within a year a person changed jobs twice by firing on their own, the experience of losing continuity. The reason for the automatic interruption of the continuity of seniority and was firing an employee for committing immoral acts or the violation of labor discipline.

Step 3:

In accordance with the Federal Law of 29.12.2006, "On compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and maternity", which entered into force on the first of January 2007, the amount of the benefit due to temporary incapacity for work is no longer dependent on the continuity of employment. Who is taken into account periods of insurance worker, that is the time period when the employer is paying the premiums - payments for compulsory insurance.

Step 4:

Currently, work experience is required, mainly as evidence of experience, as well as those people who have the duration of insurance until 01.01.2007 less than the duration of uninterrupted service to the same date. Therefore, you have the right to resign any number of times in a year without good reason, and it does not affect the amount of benefits paid to you.

Step 5:

Despite the fact that the concept of "continuity of employment" and is no longer relevant, at the conclusion of the employment contract, the employer may make the provision of certain benefits to workers the duration of continuous work with him. In addition, a large number of dismissals without just cause suggests human impermanence, which may be an indirect reason for the refusal to hire.