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How to answer the employer

Business etiquette - a piece thin. To understand all of its nuances, it requires more than one year. And the leadership often uses the fact that the employee can not properly substantiate its response or failure, and forces him to accept unfavorable working conditions for themselves.

How to answer the employer

Instruction how to respond to the employer

Step 1:

Most often disputes arise when an employer asks an employee to stay overtime or leave the service of the day. According to the Labour Code, any activity outside of working hours must be paid. Management knows it, but is trying to negotiate with employees on partial reimbursement or even free processing. You have every right to refuse. It is not necessary to do it rapidly. Just tell me what you have in your spare time certain duties, which do not perform, you can not. For example, child care or assistance to parents. And if the boss wants you to come to the service, you will have to pay for a baby sitter or to provide additional time off, so you can deal with personal affairs.

Step 2:

Sometimes employers do not just asking, but demanding duties, which are not included in your jurisdiction. Here the matter is easily solved. To avoid disputes, to compile a job description. Make there anything you think it applies to your work. Send for approval to the management. If after reviewing the authorities with the instructions in it appeared a few more items, ask for gain. Or explain that you physically will not have time to do all that you have added from the top.

Step 3:

For any communication with the leadership behave friendly. Conflict is not worth it. If you are sure that right, calm and reasoned Express own views. If the chief appreciates you as a professional, he is sure to listen to your opinion. And if you still insist on his own, think, and whether this is the workplace of such efforts. Sometimes it is easier to change the service than to prove superior for positions that you are not willing to work for next to nothing, or spend all your free time on the workflow.