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How to apply to work temporarily

In accordance with Article 59 of the Labour Code, the employer is entitled to take employees for temporary work. At the same time it should enter into fixed-term employment contract. This is possible with the employment of temporary absence of key employees, seasonal work and other situations.

How to apply to work temporarily

Instruction on how to make work temporarily

Step 1:

Ask your employer to write a letter to the head of the organization. In this document, he must specify the desired position of the work period. Indicate that the work is temporary, it is not necessarily enough to specify the period.

Step 2:

Register the application in the log of incoming correspondence. Give it a registration number, and then send the document to the head of the organization.

Step 3:

If the leader will give a positive response to a job, a temporary worker policies will continue. The first step is to create an employment contract, which should be urgent, that is entered into for a fixed term. The contract may have a fixed date (eg, February 1, 2012), or may restrict the time frame (for example, the contract period is six calendar months). The document drawn up in two copies, each signed by the supervisor and employer.

Step 4:

Make an order of the reception staff to work. RF Government developed and approved the unified form of the administrative document, it has a number of T-1.

Step 5:

Here you must specify the personnel number of employee, position, conditions of employment (ie the fact that it is temporary). The administrative documents also indicate the salary, bonuses, allowances. The basis for the preparation of the document is a fixed-term contract. Sign the order the employee.

Step 6:

Despite the fact that the employee are employed in a temporary job, you have to draw on it a personal card and personal matter. Here, select all of its data, as well as the nature of the work. Remove the copies of all documents in the folder hem.

Step 7:

Make changes in staffing. It must be done with the help of the order. At the request of the employee information about the work can be made in the work book.