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How to appoint a Deputy Director

Appointment to the post of deputy director of another employee of the same organization should issue the transfer, the initiative for which comes from the employee or employer. For the specialist it is necessary to write a new job description, make a transfer order, make changes to the personal card, work record.

How to appoint a Deputy Director

You will need:

- employee records; - Documents of the enterprise; - Stamp of the organization; - a pen; - Forms of the relevant documents; - Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

Instruction how to appoint a Deputy Director

Step 1:

With the release of Deputy Director Head of structural unit, in which the workers, who should be appointed to the vacant position, writes the representation in the name of the company. In the document, specify the name, surname, patronymic employee, which should be translated, enter information about his education qualification. It is necessary to make the presentation characteristics of a specialist about his professional and personal qualities.

Step 2:

If the initiative comes from the transfer of an employee, it is necessary to write a statement. In the document the employee indicates his surname, first name, position. He writes that it has the appropriate education, experience, and experience that can serve as a transfer to the post of Deputy Director.

Step 3:

With the consent of the Director to transfer the employee to the position of Deputy Director and the consent of the employee at the employer's initiative, make an order in the form of T-5. Specify the subject of the document, which in this case corresponds to the translation specialist for the position of deputy director. Describe the cause of compilation, which corresponds to the case of a vacancy for a Deputy Director. Set the size of the salary be translated to experts, is the reward for the performance of work duties. Blame for the execution of the order to the person responsible for the maintenance of personnel records.

Step 4:

Reassure document stamped and signed by the company director. Introduce the employee against receipt with the order of the transfer.

Step 5:

Enclose an additional agreement to the labor contract, which specify the duties conferred upon this expert, the salary. Popish on both sides of the agreement, assure the seal of the company.

Step 6:

Create a job description for the position of Deputy translated employee director. Make the appropriate changes to the employee's personal card and work book about professional translation. The particulars of the register the name of the position for which the employee transferred, in the grounds - the date and order number on the transfer.