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How to behave at a job interview?

A few simple but effective tips on how to behave during the interview at your dream job. Your skills and experience has not been canceled, but there are things that are very not like human agents and employers.

How to behave at a job interview?

Experience and professional skills is not always enough to get the job done. Candidates for the post should know how to behave during the interview that the human agents and employers, without doubt, the work entrusted to them.


It is worth remembering that showing his punctuality and being late for an interview without warning, the candidate expresses contempt for personal time, future colleagues and boss.

Presentable appearance

Untidy appearance repellent, especially if the candidate will have to work with people and to engage in negotiations.

Excessive self-confidence

The arrogant behavior and re-evaluation of their abilities may be relevant only to high-level positions, in other cases, confidence may be evidence of a small mind.

False modesty and affectations

Unnatural behavior interferes with the interview to show true professionalism and complicates the dialogue between colleagues, partners and authorities. Although in itself shyness and modesty can not be considered a negative quality.

Answers on questions

Applicants must be able to maintain easy conversation and be able to talk coherently about their experiences and skills. By refusing to answer the questions of personnel agent and citing the presence of the responses in the summary, the applicant can make a bad impression. In such cases, the employer begins to doubt the competence of these rights.


Fake recommendations and false data in the summary at check always lead to failure in the post. The distortion of the facts, in spite of the other achievements of the candidate, never satisfied with the employers that are configured on honesty and openness.


In modern companies familiarity can be welcomed, but the recruiters for major companies brash behavior and frivolity is taboo quality.