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How to behave with staff

Building relationships with subordinates - one of the key stages in the head. The correct behavior depends not only on the climate in the team, but also the efficiency of the whole.

How to behave with staff

You will need:

- document on corporate ethics.

Instruction on how to behave with staff

Step 1:

Make a paper on corporate ethics. Specify in it all the basic aspects of the behavior of the company, the rules of communication with customers and within the company dress code. Try for yourself and stick to these rules in daily life and in communication with subordinates.

Step 2:

Be certain distance. Even if you do not mind friendly relations with subordinates, appeals to "you", ordinary conversations, do not, the staff still does not have a relationship to work to have a reason to manipulate you. If you want to participate in the discussion and solution of some problems of subordinates. However, in any case, employees need to feel in the company hierarchy and perceive you as a superior person.

Step 3:

Lead by example in key areas, which require from staff. If you stand up for perfect order in the office, the chaos on your desktop is able to nullify all the efforts. No smoking within the office - do not do it themselves. You'll get much more success if subordinates will take you of belonging to a common set of rules.

Step 4:

Articulates tasks and has specific requirements. Establish yourself as a consistent leader who does not set impossible tasks, but at the same time a high quality and well-executed work. Develop a monitoring system and follow it.

Step 5:

Enter your personal unspoken tradition concerning workflows. Build your own control character. For example, your employees need to know that you absolutely do not accept delays, but can give an employee time off if necessary.