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How to calculate compensation in Ukraine

According to Art. 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On leave" possible partial replacement holiday cash compensation. In particular, it is subject to the dismissal of the employee entitled to leave, transfer it to another company at his own request (but only partially), death and so on. N. Persons under 18 years substitute holiday with monetary compensation is prohibited.

How to calculate compensation in Ukraine

You will need:

- statement replacement holiday cash compensation; - The actual number of days worked; - The total amount of earnings; - The number of public holidays.

Instruction how to calculate compensation in Ukraine

Step 1:

Calculation of compensation for unused vacation spend on the basis of the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 08.02.1995 № 100. To determine the amount of vacation pay, first calculate the average salary for the year, taking into account the basic and additional wages, bonuses and rewards, additives and nadplat and excluding one-time payments, travel and subsistence allowances, and so on. d. If the employee worked less, take the period from the first day of the month following the registration of the time at work, and on the first day of the month in which to pay compensation for lost holiday days.

Step 2:

To calculate the amount of selling, use the formula: - On = D / (Cg - II) x Cat; where D - the total amount of earnings over the last 12 months prior to the granting of leave (or actually spent time); P - the number of non-business and public holidays that fall on the billing period (for example, in February 2008 - April 2008 falls 1 non-working (27 April - Easter) and one holiday (8 March) - total of the total number of calendar days subtract 2 days - KG - relevant settlement period the number of calendar days in a year; Cat - the number of days otpuska.Dlya example, if the employee's income for the period from February, 2008 to April 2008 amounted to 2100 UAH, the compensation amount will be 214.77 UAH (2100 UAH / (90 -.. 2) x 9 = 214, 77.

Step 3:

Please note that compensation for unused vacation included in the wage bill, and keep the amount of contributions to the pension fund and social insurance in the general order. When an employee wish to exchange part of the leave to monetary compensation, compensation is only possible if the employee was on leave not less than 24 calendar days. That is, if the total duration of the employee's annual leave of 28 calendar days, it can get compensation for the four calendar days and not for the entire vacation.