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How to calculate the salary

Every employee who works under the labor contract, should receive a monthly salary. Its size and order of payment of prescribed in the concluded contract. Remuneration can be a piece-rate or may be postponed. From its shape depends on the order of calculation.

How to calculate the salary

Instruction how to calculate the salary

Step 1:

First of all you should find out the salary or the tariff rate per unit of product or service. This information you can see in the employment contract, in order for a job, or check with your accountant.

Step 2:

Determine the actual hours worked by you. If you have hourly earnings, keep a special calendar. Also this information you can see in the time sheets, but for this you need to contact the accounting department.

Step 3:

Say you're working on a piece-rate form of remuneration. Labor contract following rates are set: one for the production of parts you are entitled to 150 p. In one month, you will have made 100 units. Thus, 150 p. * 100 units. P = 15000.

Step 4:

With time-based form of payment you need to determine the wages per hour worked. To do this, divide the salary by the total number of hours per month. The resulting figure, multiply by the number of hours worked time.

Step 5:

If you are working in areas where regional coefficients are applied, and calculate them. To do this, multiply the salary to the desired percentage. For example, you live in Irkutsk, where the regional factor is 1.3. Thus, 15,000 p. * 1.3 = 19500 p.

Step 6:

From the sum of wages withheld personal income tax. Therefore, it is also deducted. To put this wage multiply by 13%. The resulting sum payment calculated from the put. Thus, with wages equal to 19500 p., The amount of tax will be 2535 p. It turns out that you get your hands on 16965 p.

Step 7:

If you were attracted to work overtime, calculate the payment for these hours. For this pay per hour, multiply by 1.5 (operating up to two hours a day) and 2 (for the work over 2 hours). Night work is paid at double the rate. All these payments are also taxed.